How to Do Google's Let it Snow Trick

The Christmas season is really being felt even on the internet courtesy of Google.

The search engine giant recently released another doable and simple trick that would make Christmas and winter people happy. What this trick does is flow snow on your Google search results page and frost it chilly if you don't pay attention.

Anyway, if you're interested in doing the "Let it Snow" Google trick yourself, follow the instructions below.

How to Do Google's Let it Snow Trick

1. Go to;
2. Type in the words "let it snow." Capitalization doesn't matter;
3. Watch your screen get snowy. If you continue on for a couple of seconds more, your screen will start to give off a frosty effect and a "Defrost" button will appear. Pressing it would totally restart the snow animation process.

If done correctly, your screen will look like this:

how to do google let it snow trick

Neat trick huh? Well, this isn't the first for Google. Back a couple of months they released a barrel roll trick for the homepage. They also have Pac-Man on their roster. Click here to know how to play Pac-Man on the Google homepage.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Nice to see! I have tried this and was really amazed that I even made a blog post for this:

  2. Google has many more ester eggs and they played a lot of practical jokes on their more "gullible" users.
    See more of those cool tricks here:


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