Playstation Vita Jailbreak Nearing Completion, HBL On the Way

So the Playstation Vita just came out. Yep, we've been there: It's a great piece of hardware powerful enough to run PS3-caliber games. But what's a Sony device without a jailbreak, right?

PSP hackers like wololo, SKFU, Mamosuke, and Teck4 are working hard to break the Playstation Vita open. To them it's just a simple challenge. But when they do succeed that challenge, of course it won't come without its consequences.

Remember the PSP, that ubiquitous handheld that everyone had a few years ago? Well, due partly to massive piracy, it died (for what it's worth at least I bought a couple of legit games). That same thing could happen to the Playstation Vita (PSV) if this cracking thing goes through.

The following video contains Teck4's exploit on the PSV. What it is basically is a PSP emulator running on the PSV. Play the video below:

And judging from the video below, and all the years I've been in the PSP scene, we're just counting months here. If someone decides to develop another CFW for the PS Vita, well, it's not doomed. It's just going to be damaged. Then again, the PSP had a good seven year run. That's more than the average life expectancy for a gaming console.

Owners and potential customers of the new Sony handheld are asking the hacking community to just hold off the exploits for fear of the PSV suffering the fate of its predecessor.

One thing's for sure though: People will go with the flow.

'Till my next installment.

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