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Yeah, SOPA. You heard about SOPA right? I didn't even bother to write an article about it because it's literally everywhere. And with all the internet doom mongers in the US predicting that this and that will and shall happen, everyone who is anyone in the internet is afraid. No, really. It has truth to it. A SOPA-like bill is already in place in Denmark, and it's doing things it was not designed to.

Of course, we know the US. This SOPA bill, hah, it will do stuff far beyond its original concept. There's the PIPA too, albeit it being a milder version. FYI, if this bill gets passed, the "game" will definitely change—for better or for worse I don't know.

Anyway, the following are addresses of frequented websites in the internet. If ever the white politicos go apeshit, you'll still be able to access your favorite sites through the following. Copy and paste the list and save it. Make backup copies of it. Tattoo it on your chest.

SOPA Emergency IP List

# General information

# News

# Social media

# Torrent sites

# Social networking

# Live Streaming Content

# Television

# Shopping

# File Sharing

How to access websites using SOPA emergency IP list (Windows PC):

1. Go to Start, click Run and type cmd for Windows XP or type cmd in the Start Menu search box for Windows 7;
2. In the cmd console, type in "ping (insert IP address here i.e. the numbers above for your desired website);
3. Open your browser of choice, and type the corresponding IP address on the address bar i.e. the white space above a browser where is usually located;
4. ???;
5. Profit.

Of course, if you're out of the US you needn't worry. This only concerns people inside the said nation. 

If you have any more addresses to share, feel free to leave 'em by hitting the comments box below. And please, save the SOPA emergency IP list because you'll never know when Kingdom Come will happen.

Lastly, share this post on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter if you find it helpful.

All thanks and credits belong to Akathos, Thane of Reddit.

'Till my next installment.

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