How to Add and Insert an Image or Picture in Yahoo! Mail Signature

I've been checking out the tutorials out there on how to add and insert a picture or logo in the Yahoo! Mail signature, and frankly it's hard to find any definitive answer, and those with definitive answers are either obsolete or would just test your patience.

That aside, with Yahoo!'s newest Yahoo! Mail roll-out, a lot of things has changed. Even the simple installation of a photo in a signature became difficult. Copy your photo's link and paste it in the signature area, the link itself will come out. A copy-paste of the image itself won't work. So how the bleep can you put a picture in your Yahoo! Mail signature? Read on.

How to Add and Insert an Image, Picture, or Logo in Yahoo! Mail Signature

1. Open two internet browser windows. Log your Yahoo! Mail account on one. Go to the top section and click on Options, then select Mail. A new tab will appear. Select Signature. Make sure it's on the "Show a rich text signature" option;

2. On the vacant browser window, search for a photo hosting service (e.g., and upload your desired photo. Once it gets uploaded, make sure your actual desired image shows on the photo hosting service's screen and not only the links to the image. Restore the screen by pressing the middle button on the top right corner of the browser window (the one between Minimize and Exit);

3. Now, this is the important part: Hold down left click on your desired image on the photo hosting window and just literally drag it to your Yahoo! Mail's Signature options screen and drop it there. Your picture will now show there and will also show in messages you compose and send out.

how to add and insert an image or picture in yahoo mail signature

One key difference in this method is that simply doing a copy-paste on your image would not do. Just for fact's sake, a copy-pasted signature photo will show while you're composing a message but would not show once you send it. Try it. This drag and drop method meanwhile not only makes your signature photo show on the compose message screen, it would also show in a recipient's message.

So there you have it for this post. Share us on Facebook, Twitter, or G+ if you've find this helpful.

'Till my next installment.

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