How to Register with Globe's Immortal TXT 143 Unlimited Text Promo

Globe brings back its highly demanded Immortal TXT unlimited text promo from the grave and reintroduces it to the public in its two new forms: The Immortal Trio and the Immortal Text.

The Immortal TXT, at P15.00 per subscription, offers 25 texts to Globe and TM phones and 5 textx to other networks. The Immortal Trio meanwhile gives you 50 texts to Globe and TM subscribers, 5 texts to other networks, and 5 minutes of talk time to the same, all for P25.00.

Just like before, the aforementioned Immortal TXT promos have no expiration or validity dates.

*Only 100 immortal texts or 10 immortal call minutes can be accumulated at any one time. Registrations to Immortal TXT or Immortal Trio that will result to exceeding either limit will not be accommodated.P5 maintaining balance is required to use allocations from Immortal Trio or Immortal TXT.

globe immortal txt 143 unlimited text promo how to register

Here's the rest of the Globe Immortal TXT 143 unlimited text promo options:

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Unli All Trio - Unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM phones plus unlimited mobile browsing;
  • 1 day for P60
  • 3 days for P150
  • 7 days for P350
  • 30 days for P1,400

All Net Combo - Unlimited texts to all networks plus 5 minutes of calls to all networks plus 50MB cap of mobile browsing;
  • 1 day for P30
  • 3 days for P80
  • 7 days for P150
  • 30 days for P600

Unli Tingi - Unlimited texts to all networks plus unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus unlimited mobile browsing;
  • 1 hour validity for only P5
  • Registration to Unli Tingi is available from 7am-9am only

How to Register with Globe's Immortal TXT 143 Unlimited Text Promo

1. Dial *143# on your phone then press CALL;
2. Wait for the menu to appear on your screen;
3. Once the menu appears, select your transaction and press “Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model)”;
4. Enter the number of your chosen transaction. To register to Choose Your Promo, press “Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model)” then enter “1” for “NEW: Choose your promo.” Press “OK”;
5. Select your Choose Your Promo offer by pressing “Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model)” then entering “1” for IMMORTAL TRIO, “2” for UNLI ALL TRIO, “3” for ALL NET COMBO, or “4” to select your promo based on your budget. Press “OK”;
6. Choose your validity by entering “1” for 30 days, “2” for 7 days, “3” for 3 days, and “4” for 1 day. Press “OK”;
7. Verify your choice by entering “1” to register to your chosen promo. Press “OK”;
8. Wait for the confirmation message notifying you of your successful registration.

These offers are available from February 14 to May 16, 2012. Registration is via *143# only. Dial it now for free.

So if you're a "Globie" (I reckon this term is first used here in this blog, referring to Globe fannies), I suggest you register to this Immortal TXT 143 unlimited text promo to maximize your network provider's potential and use.

Sadly, I'm a "Sunnie," which is related to them "Smartie" guys.

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'Till my next installment.

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  1. Is it compatible who has a tm simcard or is it only for globe?

  2. if u are registered in immortals so u cannot register to another promo such unlitxt? thanks

  3. wow good job Globe, immortal is back..

  4. Itxt din sana ibalik... :-)

  5. i registered but hindi naman magamit.. nagaaccumulate lang xa.. nababawasan yung regular load ko.. akala ko gumagana na xa.. naubos 100 load ko.. anu ba yan :(


  7. bat d q magamit??ung UNLITRIO???

  8. bwsit how to use it??

  9. Wala talaga silbe, immortal trio di magamit successfully registered na di parin pwede mag call bwsit....

  10. dami namng process.. kaasar wag n nglng tong immortal na toh.. hnd nman ganto dati ahh.. ang complicated ng procedure... hmp.. :(

  11. i hav same prob with d others.hnd ko magamit ang regular lod ko nababawas.nagreport na ako sa 1234.untl now on process..since march... i thought ako lang naka encounter ng ganitong prob.

  12. ako din sa regular load pa rin nababawas pag nagtetext ako. any updates pls

  13. globe promos are sucks! that's all i can say!

  14. but mine works properly. nagexceed pa nga sa 100 texts and 10-minute calls un immortaltrio ko..

  15. dindnt exist heist nxt time wag n mgpromo kawawa ang mga consumer nyo sayang ang load

  16. I registered yesterday but it just used up all my load and with the Immortal texts and calls still in 50 and 5 minutes. Ugh

  17. Big scam by globe. Of course it won't work. Doesn't work for my prepaid account either. This promo is designed to induce a sudden surge in their sales of prepaid load.

    Unless of course these guys are willing to give back the "lost load" which is difficult to track LOL good luck!

  18. same here. it doesn't work. can someone get intouch with globe? di ba may twitter account pwede magreklamo?


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