Photos of Phones Before and After Steve Job's iPhone

Back in the day when you talk about a phone you either meant a Nokia or a Nokia. That's that. People don't even talk about what brand you have, people talk about what unit you have. There's no names for phones, only numbers. In my case I had a trusty 3310 and more recently a 2330 by my side, always.

Josh Helfferich does an interesting take on the mobile phone scene: He assembles a picture that portrays the evolution of the mobile phone before and after the iPhone.

Interestingly this doesn't apply to the Philippines in general. The market is still occupied by bar phones particularly because they're cheaper than before and because the cheapest smart phone out there would probably be as shitty as shit.

Whether or not the iPhone form factor existed before the iPhone is arguable, and I'm not taking sides since PDAs have been screen and stylus as far as I can recall.

'Till my next installment.

(Via Boingboing)

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