Today is Mandaluyong Day! Again.

Yep, at this exact date last year I posted about a short but hearty post about Mandaluyong Day. I mean, why not? I live here. But this year I'll do a different take. I'll post something short but sweet. Ready?

Well, here's our beloved Benhur Abalos, a husband and father to six, happily hugging someone identified as Ms. Mandaluyong 2008 Erica Bagang, aka Jean de Castro of Starstruck Batch 4.

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jeanerica eddun bagang benhur abalos scandal photo

Apparently the parties are a-OK with it since this pic gets dug (see: ancient) and goes viral every Mandaluyong Day. See, the time stamp there says 2009. But if this girl is Ms. Mandaluyong from 2008, and this pic was taken July 2009, does that mean they had something special for a year and possibly more? No, that's impossible. Our good mayor won't be able to do that. Never. Plus look at that gorgeous angelic face. She must be innocent. And that hug, I can explain it. It's a platonic hug. It must be. Otherwise, this is one really lucky hell of a mayor (tap tap tap).

Pictures are always open to interpretation. Always. Then again, they may just be simply hugging each other for the lulz. Happy Mandaluyong Day!

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Nice picture! I went to went to Manda City hall last Mandaluyong day, my aunt invited me to check the job fair there.

  2. this picture was edited in a photoshop.. as you can see if the height of the (girl) "ms. mandaluyong" 2008 was only 5'2 how is it that she's face is too big as the mayor have in this picture and how about trying to check the eyes of mayor abalos and compare it with her eyes is that pretty obvious huhryt? nobody's perfect find a good artist as well.. stop the crab mentality mandaluyong is still as its best with Mayor Abalos,

  3. Para sa nakakita na at nakakakilala kay Mayor, tingin ko mas maputi pa sya dun sa personal.

    Probably photoshoped..


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