Download Angry Birds Space for Free Android, iOS, PC, and Mac

One of the biggest games of three consecutive years, Angry Birds, is now on space! You read that right: Angry Birds Space has just been released a couple of hours ago as of this writing by Rovio. It's up on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Market. It's also play-ready on the PC and Mac. A release for Windows Mobile is coming out soon. And what's best is, you can download Angry Birds Space for free.

If you'll recall, Angry Birds Space was first outed on March 8, 2012 by NASA astronaut Don Pettit inside the ISS. The video shows that the game's stage is no longer flat, instead comprising several different planets, each of which has its own gravitational field that affects the trajectory of the birds after launch. The game also features new bird characters, such as laser bird, that carry their own unique abilities.

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Angry Birds Space Backstory
After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own...

Angry Birds Space features 60 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With regular free updates, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!
Download Angry Birds Space for Free Android, iOS, PC, and Mac

Angry Birds Space Free Download for Android
Angry Birds Space Download for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
Angry Birds Space Free Download for PC
Angry Birds Space Download for Mac
Angry Birds Space Download for Kindle Fire

Angry Birds Space Features
  • 60 interstellar levels
  • Regular free updates
  • Brand new birds
  • Brand new superpowers
  • Zero-gravity space adventures
  • Trick shots using planets' gravity
  • Hidden bonus levels
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds
If you have a phone running on Android or iOS you can go to their respective market applications to download it straight from there.

You can also follow Rovio and their Angry Birds game via the links below:

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