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Who says Filipinos can't make decent games?

Enter Streetfood Tycoon: An iOS app developed by the nation's very own Erick Garayblas (Kuyi Games) which puts you in the shoes of the daily streetfood vendor, selling stuff from 9-5, clawing your way up to the top to be the very best "tindero" in terms of fame and fortune.

The game play is like most "tycoon" and "mania" games out there: Customers arrive with orders, assemble ingredients on the screen to fulfill their orders, clean your shop while on the job, and earn money for upgrades.

Streetfood Tycoon Features

  • Unlock dozens of items & upgrades
  • Sell streetfood in 4 different locations
  • Earn coins & upgrade your food cart to the max
  • Unlock "celebrity" customers
  • Compete with your friends via Game Center
  • Unlock over 30 game achievements
  • Full-color high resolution cartoon graphics
  • Guaranteed fun for the entire family!
The game graphics are simple but cute enough to not get annoying looks. Statistics and upgrades are viewable after each stage. In-game purchases are also available if you want to fast-forward your game. Me, I chose the "Break Piggy Bank" option. Unfortunately it only contained 181 gold, and with that much I was only able to afford a second hand food cart and then some.

At its core, Streetfood Tycoon taps into the Filipino's love for street food and the culture that developed around it. We don't just simply eat the food: we gather around the front of the stall and talk with friends, update with gossip, and sometimes even make new acquaintances, usually the vendor himself.

So if you have an iPhone, an iPod touch, or an iPad, you better get and play this game, especially while it's free. It's a total time killer; you won't notice that you've already played an hour or two (then again, most games do this). Personally, I find Streetfood Tycoon very entertaining. I bet you would too.

Streetfood Tycoon on iTunes

'Till my next installment.

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  1. It crashes when i try to open it again. can't open it after my first game

  2. anyone having the same problem?

  3. i have the same problem.. can't open it with my itouch. it crashes when i press play

  4. Is there any cheats ?

  5. Totally in the same boat. Was working fine for the first couple of days and then yesterday I try to purchase an item then it got stuck on the screen and said thanks for your donation. I turned off my phone and the app reloaded fine I played the game and then tried to repurchase the item again and same thing. it shows ne available upgrades but I can't do anything and can't see my points. Major bummer. I'm using iPhone. I hope this gets resolved.


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