Free PS Vita Themes and Wallpapers Download (Updated)

More and more people are buying Sony's newest handheld console the PS Vita everyday. And as usual when more and more units get owned out there people will look for ways on how to customize their unit, to suit their personal taste or differentiate themselves from the crowd. That's why we're providing PS Vita themes and wallpapers for free download. All you have to do is scroll down and select an image, save, and transfer to your Vita.

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  • Your PS Vita system/Content Manager Assistant might require you to update your system firmware version to a newer one once you connect to the internet
  • You might need to create a PlayStation Network account for you to completely access all features of the PS Vita, even the simple process of transferring and installing wallpapers, start screens, and other content
How to install PS Vita Themes, Lockscreens, and Wallpapers

1. Before everything else, download and install the Content Manager Assistant program for the PS Vita on your PC (you can download it from the internet). Depending on your unit, you may or may not be required to update your system software. As of this writing, the latest PS Vita firmware is 1.61. Be sure to be connected to the internet and follow the on-screen instructions;
2. Plug your PS Vita unit to your computer through the proprietary USB cable included in the console box. Your PC will now recognize the PS Vita system;
3. Download a theme, wallpaper, or start screen among the provided below;
4. On your PS Vita, tap on the Content Manager Assistant located on your homescreen, then tap either [ PC → PS Vita System] or [ PS Vita System → PC];
5. After your system selection, tap [Photos] then tick on the checkboxes of the wallpapers and lockscreens you want to copy, and then tap [Copy].
6. At the homescreen, hold an icon until all icons start wiggling. Press the wallpaper button (looks like a wave) on the lower-right side corner of the screen and tap on the [Photos] folder then tap on a wallpaper. The PS Vita system will now automatically change the wallpaper on your current homescreen window. If you want all homescreen windows to have one wallpaper only, you have change each one manually;
7. If you want to install a new start screen, go to [Photos], tap a start screen you want to use, then tap on the lower-right side bubble (the one with ... on it), then tap Use as Start Screen;
8. Congratulations! You have now successfully installed your PS Vita Wallpaper/Start Screen!

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Free PS Vita Themes, Start Screens, and Wallpapers Download

Click on the images below and right-click save as to download the free PS Vita wallpapers and start screens!

And if the PS Vita wallpapers and start screens here aren't enough for you, here's a whole database more!

Thanks and credits to the dan for this huge compilation of free PS Vita themes, start screens, and wallpapers.

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'Till my next installment.

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  1. magkano ang vita?

  2. around 14K for the wifi unit, while wifi/3g will cost you 5 grand more..

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    Check this link out:

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  6. The PS Vita is better since it offers the newest hardware and games. The Xperia Play lets you play only PSP titles.


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