Globe Introduces DIS As Cloud Solutions Suite Expand

Globe Telecom, one of Asia's leading innovators of information and communications technology, recently introduced their Dynamic Infrastructure Services (DIS) at the Hotel InterContinental Manila, the Philippines' first. What DIS does is simplify cloud computing by putting in use previously set-up components so businesses can construct and use private cloud environments at a lowered cost. Consider this as private cloud outsourcing.

Globe Telecom has partnered with Morphlabs, a renowned US-based IT firm that is founded by Winston Damarillo, to produce a subscription-based private cloud environment that increases and optimizes an enterprise's existing IT capacity without spending in new infrastructure and software.

Grace Castillo, Enterprise Segments Head of Globe Business

One advantage an outsourced cloud offers is the ease a company can switch from a CAPEX-based spending model to an OPEX-based one. An OPEX-based cloud allows enterprises to recognize expenses every period, thus improving their financial numbers. This system also allows faster provisioning and scalability compared to traditional infrastructures, especially when a company's flexibility is limited.

At the core of Globe Business' DIS offering is a data center full of heavy duty solid state disk (SSD) drives, the future of storage technology, allowing for speedy data transitions and huge data capacities without the traditional limitations HDDs possess.

A few advantages of DIS Cloud Outsourcing:

  • No more heavy downloading of enterprise-wide reports;
  • No more additional expenses on human resources and company resources;
  • No more housing of huge, space-consuming, energy-eating, traditional servers;
  • Less worrying on industrial espionage since private cloud systems are housed in a secure data center;
An SSD-based private cloud server

Globe Business DIS is for enterprises that need dynamic provisioning of private and dedicated cloud environments without increasing total company expenditure. It is readily available, can be deployed as quickly as the client desires, and can be set up within a couple of hours.

If you're a company seeking an experience in Dynamic Infrastructure Services, you can find out more about Globe Business products and services by calling +63 2 730 1288. You may also email or visit

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