Hallo Hallo Mall - The Philippines' Online Shopping Mall

With the advent of Western online megamarkets such as Amazon and eBay, Filipinos are catching tide of what would surely be the next big thing in this nation: Online shopping. Clearly our online infrastructure is not as well-built as the aforementioned, but they too have started in the state we're in now. And then there's the existing websites in the niche itself: Currently there are a couple of websites that would likely be the champions of the Philippine online market, but don't close your doors yet because we have another contender in town and it's called the Hallohallo Mall.

The Hallohallo Mall dubs itself the "Philippine National Internet Shopping Mall", akin to Henry Sy's real life SM Malls. It has been around since October 2011. It was established by the owners to contribute to Filipino society, to aid in regaining our nation's economic status, and to create a whole new way of shopping.

What's spectacular is the mall have received more than one thousand store signups in the first 30 days alone. And that was just the beta: Their projections include long-term plans up to 2015 which, in their estimates, predict them growing to 30,000 kick ass stores.

This online store features an intuitive user interface, which of course means a more pleasurable experience for the budding Filipino online shopper. It also boasts a built-in comparison engine, so you know you'll always be getting the product you're looking for at its cheapest price.

The Hallohallo Mall also features a point system in which 1 point is equal to 1 peso. You can rack up these points by shopping, and what's more is you can use all your pent-up points to buy other items in the mall.

If you on the other hand would like to establish your very own online store, you can do so at the Hallohallo Mall for free. Yes—you read that right—for free! Establishing an online store at the Hallohallo Mall has no initial cost, no hidden charges and fees, no monthly costs, and no item registration fees.

But what about security? Surely the flow of money and goods from the buyer to the seller and vice versa is of utmost priority, that's why the Hallohallo Mall staff ensures a safe and secure trading environment for the customers and shop owners and to prevent delayed transactions. You need not worry about unpaid items or undelivered purchases!

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Every time a customer buys something from your online shop, you will receive an auto-generated email receipt notifying you of the purchase. You'll also be automatically notified once your customer pays via cash or credit, prompting the system to prepare for you a delivery slip. All you have to do is send the item to the customer and voila, 10 days after the delivery you'll receive your payment!*

And lastly, to guarantee all sellers and buyers that this online mall would become the next big thing, the people over at Hallohallo have enlisted the help of big names such as Glaiza de Castro, CNN, Star Movies, ESPN, Fox, and the Discovery Channel to assist in the mall's promotion, further bolstering the mall's presence throughout the Philippines.

So what are you sitting there for? If you have some stuff to buy or sell, head on over to the Hallohallo Mall. Not only will you be helping yourself, you'll also be helping the country. I'm sure you'll love the experience.

Hallohallo Mall Facebook Fan Page

'Till my next installment.

*After deduction of mall charges, point association charges, and credit card charges


I recently ordered books in Hallohallo Mall. Until now I haven't received any communication from the shop owner. I contacted Hallohallo admin using their online help page but I got nothing. Sucks!

dba ang shiiping nila ay 4-10 days? eh 2 days pa lang nakakalipas

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Sad to say, kawawa din mag sellers nila. Because they are not paid on time,
They also send an email saying "PAYMENT SETTLED" pero wala namang nari receive.

At kahit completed na ang mga orders kasi na-receive na ng mga buyer,they will still wait for 10 days to complete the transaction and anoher 5-10 days for the payment. And n the end, di mo pala mari receive ang payment.
Ilang pay out na akong namroblema. Grabe talaga. super nakkainis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halohalo mall is a BIG LIE!! I tried to purchased online saying pay out not completed but without knowing it is billed to my creditcard not just once but twice.. I already paid that amount but for two months now I haven't receive the item.
Halohalo management, make actions about these lies of yours!

hahaha nakakatawa ka naman anonymous, 2 months na tas ngayon ka lang nagrereklamo parang gawa gawa lang istorya mo, sabi mo ang status pay out not completed pero na bill sau ng 2x s CC tapos nag antay ka pa rin pala ng 2 months sa order mo, eh loko ka pala nuh dapat nuong makita mo na pay out not completed at na bill ang CC mo, dapat nag inform ka na dun sa Hallohallo para nagawan nila ng paraan o imbestigasyon kung ano nangyari sa order mo hindi yung kung kelan 2 buwan na tsaka ka nagpuputak dyan..SUS gamitin ang utak..Commonsense! kung payment not completed panu nila ipo process ?? sana nakipag communicate ka ng maayos dun..tae ka pala eh

sau naman seller na utot..kung di ka satisfied sa pay out system nila...go out..magpa disable ka na ng shop mo feeling ko di ka naman kawalan duon sa website, andae kaya nilang shops dun :) ..bka naman kasi peke ang mga buyer mo..o kaya ikaw lang gumagawa ng sales mo at nade detect nila kaya di ka binabayaran LOL ..hahahahaha!!!

ask ko lng, db pag credit card payment need ipadala ung photocopy ng credit card, ok lng b un? safe b un?

hay katakot mg order....super sale p mmm...help dpt b to trust the website???

please help me guys!
shoukd i trust this online shop?

gusto kong mag order but parang wala pa akung trust para sa mga ganito , hindi ko pa kasi nasubukan

umorder ako sa hallohallo 17 days na wala pa rin buti na lang cash on delivery kaya ok lang kung wag nila i-deliver

susubukan ko to... try ko kung authentic talaga...marami na rin kasi akong nababalitaan na ok daw...grabe naman mga problema ng iba dyan samantalang ung iba naman na nababasa ko ang problema nila eh ung isang item lang per person ata ang pwedeng mapurchase haha...anyways pag naging ok ung transaction i'll be posting it sa blog ko http://houselements.blogspot.com. I'm planning to pay this coming monday...Wish me luck

Nakapagpurchased na ako ng cellphone and make up. using points only. yung cp 5 days before ko nareceived and yung make up after 2 days nadeliver na din. Pag nagpurchased kasi dapat visit lang lagi ang site to know the stat of ur purchased. Then update the store kung wala pa ang item. pwede naman magleave ng message sa store hanggang di mo pa narereceived yung binili mo... may sagot naman sila kaagad via email. kaya happy naman me magpurchased sa halohalomall...

Hallohallomall is legit, pero ung delivery nila ng items ay may delay dependa kung saan shop ka magoorder. Merong days lang madedeliver agad, meron naman magiisang buwan na wala pa rin..

Here's my experience with hallohallomall. I and a friend order some items, my friend receive his order, after 10 days from the day his payment has been verified. While me, I have not yet receive my items, it's been 3 weeks already.

Even though my friend receive his order, the item delivered to him is missing some items that must be included on the package.

Every other day, I am always contacting the hotline of hallohallomall to follow up my order and my friend's item. Still, I can't get any good answer from them, they say they will contact us within 24hrs, but I receive no messages/call from them, so I always ended up the one to contact them. (I give them good rating with their kind and accommodating staff.) Well, they suggest to me that I should just cancel my order, wtf after all the trouble they gave, why would I just cancel it?? I have wasted a lot of time just to pay for it and follow up my orders.

If you have a long patience and you have a lot of time to contact them, then go ahead and order to them, just like I mentioned above, hallohallomall is legit, just have a loads of patience when it comes to some troublesome shops.

Well... online stores are made for the purpose of hastle-free shopping experience, but based on my experience, this is a real hastle... FAILED :)

I have tried the following online store: hallohallomall, myspace, zalora, ensogo and metrodeal. But the worst of all is hallohallomall, and the best is Zalora ^^

[This is based on my experience with them, experiences vary from people to people :P ]

Hallo hallo mall is legit. I have purchased and received 2 items already from them without too much hassle. The only problem I see is regarding their countdown sale. They're are posting fake sale items. I've been constantly checking their website then all of a sudden an item worth 30 pesos or 70 pesos shows up and it's already sold! Then I wonder, where did it come from? Why didn't see it before? Another instance are that items on the countdown sale mysteriously vanishes all of a sudden. For example, I've been waiting for the salt and pepper electric mill shaker to be on sale at a lower price. I even bookmarked the item on my laptop. Then all of a sudded, I can't find the item anymore. Not even on the sold items! Feeling ko tuloy, the prices are manipulated. Pag ayaw nila ibenta ung isang item at a certain low price. They can just easily delete the said item, or just mark it sold. They site is really deceitful and full of misrepresentation

yah! i recently experience the same, ill pay the item thru my credit card account, and after 3 days or 5 days they informed me that the item I'll buy was already sold. I'm very disappointed for this matter. To the Halohalomall, Please pay attention for this kind of issue.

almost two weeks since i paid my order, hanggang ngayon di ko pa din na re-receive ang item ko. grabeng delivery naman yan. back to ebay na lang ako.

scammer ang website na ito, matapos makuha ang pera mo..wla na sila pakialam sa iyo. DO NOT TRUST..basura ang website na ito

ito ang pinaka pangit, pinaka sinungaling, pinaka mabagal, pinakamatagal, pinaka scammer, pinaka walang kwentang online shopping website..WAG PO KAYoNG OORDER dito, mag ebay na lang o lazada kayo !

ano kaya ang nangyari? dati maganda naman ang service nila,maayos kausap pag nagpa follow up ako as i remember po september ako unang nag registered at nag order. pero ngaon parang wla na yung mga dating employee duon, kasi ang kausap ko nuong nakaraan sa boses pa lang di ko alam kung manloloko na kasi nagboboses lalaki pero alam ko babae un, pinapa refund ko lang naman yung bank payment ko at nagtatanong ako kung paano proseso at gaano ko katagal aantayin refund ko pero walang maisagot sa akin. ano ba yang mga tao ninyo ngayon mga bopol, me training ba kayo o puro highschool kickout lang mga empleyado ninyo.bEWARE PO KASI ScAMmER Po NGKkAT S SITE N ITo

grabeee naman..seller at customer parehong nirereklamo ang online shopping webiste na ito. oh my gosh, hinding hindi papayagan na mapunta sa gantong website ang mga relatives and friends ko..thank you po sa mga concerned citizens,,wla na pong oorder dito.promise

SCAMMER na Website..wag na ninyong balakin na mag order dito, o kaya naman order kayo pero yung points lang gagamitin ninyo ha, kasi pag tunay na pera, naku po! scam po sila eh

ito ang pinaka worst website na napuntahan ko, 2 months na order ko pero di pa rin dumating, tapos yung bayad ko sa bank deposit antagal tagal i process..naglipana ang scammer sa website na ito..MAG EBAY O LAZADA NA LANG KAYO….. wala namang pera ang hallo hallo mall..ninnanakaw lang nila pera natin..BASTOS AT WALANG MODO ANG MGA CUSTOMER SERVICE DITO NA MGA GALING ATA SA DIVISORIA AT BACLARAN na recruit


mag ebay o lazada na lang kayo..walang puhunan at malapit na magsara ang website na ito..

i am a fan of online shopping , i ordered in lazada , ebay and hallo hallo mall of the same item same day , last november 25 (electric fan) , ebay was delivered in 3 days (used paypal) while i used cod in lazada, got my orders 2 days. for hallo hallo mall..to date..december 18, my ordered fan is still nowhere to be found, first they told me it's a supplier's problem with shipping, the next day i called, they told me its already out of stock..then i called again yesterday..now they are telling me that it will be shipped in 2 weeks...well a BIG LIAR LIAR ! this website is a BIG FAT SCAMMER ..

scammer po ang website na ito. BABALA : wag po kayong oorder, ilang buwan ang aantayin ninyo or worst hindi n talaga darating ang order ninyo... wag na po kayong mag orderdito

the Philippines BIGGEST SCAMMER in online shopping mall !

thanks sa info guys. I was about to order IPAD 3 kasi nasa COuntdown sale nila 19,900 nalang ang presyo. Na-add ko na sa Cart tapos naisip ko magresearch sa mga feedback and its nice to find this website.

Di nalang ako magoorder.

Thanks talaga.

tama po, wag na kayo mag order, nakaka engganyo pero look makaka mura ka nga kung iisipin pero ang tanong....matatanggap mo ba ang order mo???HELL NO..hindi mo matatanggap dahil scammer lang po ang website na ito

hi ms maharlika, i guess you are right, i called their hotline, una number is not available at this time, then 2nd attempt ko busy line and with my 3rd attempt, i was really supised, kasi parang bahay lang yung sumagot sa akin as in parang taong bahay o katulong lang, hahahahaha im kinda Conyo and speaking english while the ate on the other line is like grushing ahhh ehhh hmmm kasi she can't speak english well..my gosh is this website a real fucking JOKE! sa makati area daw office nila eh but honestly..tonong bahay lang talaga kausap ko..to top it all tama naman di ba 4784444 well guys, un pa lang ..think twice na kayo sa pag order..bobo ang mga sumasagot sa phone..hahahaha

Siguro po dapat ipaaalam na sa GMA 7 ang nangyayaring ito kasi Arnold Clavio daw me ari ng website na ito, kung talagang scammer eh maipasara na..usong uso pa namn ito nowadays kaya bago mg order..check muna kayo sa mga reviews dahil ito ang salamin ng website nila

i Dont Like the experience here..i ordered a toy, dumating sa amin, nkkadiri ang packaging..thinking we paid it COD sa tumataginting na 1200.00 tapos ang makikita po eh Divisoria Quality! paging Arnold Clavio, nakakabuwisit ang kumpanya mo,malaking kasiraan ito sa iyo !

experience HASSLE FULL, IRRITATING AND FOREVER WAITING transaction with this website. SCAMMERS. your item will never get to you :(

NO TO THIS hallo hallo mall website ! Basura ka nilang itratrato, they should hire professionals and not stupid people like they have right now, and please train your people to answer in humanly manner,parang mga nagbebenta lang ng panty sa palengke eh the one like roxy and k they are so BOBO

ok naman sana ito kasi na-receive ko naman ung dalawang items na inorder ko kaso ang tagal bago ko na-receive.. :( maghihintay ka pa ng 2-3 weeks..

sira nga ang chocolate fountain nio! gandang IGP to teh! marami ang hindi nio nirerefund tulad ko! huy! mahiya naman kayo! ibalik nio pera koooo!! ano tawag dun sa hindi binabalik ang perang hindi naman dapat sa kanya? scammer teh! kayo na un! cge irisk nio din pera nio sa lang hiyang website na to! tingnan natin kung di kayo mainip sa kakahintay! norma panganiban

In my own experience,I received my packages within 2-3 days from hallohallo which is impressive. I have no problems with this site. It really depends on the seller and good for me that I ended up to legit sellers here in hallohallo. Hopefully, I will not meet those stupid and flimflam sellers. We should remember that anyone can open a shop here Hallohallo and that should be given of most attention by the management, to monitor and protect their clients against scamming.Nevertheless, I will keep on ordering products from this site as long as they serving me well.

I bought an item through countdown sale at 57% discount in hallo hallo mall. According to their email sent after the payment was received, i quote "Orders with unresponsive sellers will be canceled after 5 days, refunds will be processed accordingly." nagulat ako... yun lang yun?!!! kung ako nga naman ang seller, bat ko ibibigay yun item ko ng ganun kamura? ndi na lang ako magrereply... deadma, keber... no harm done... sa seller! e sa buyer? kawawa... NGA-NGA... paasa. mga kapatid ingat ingat po tayo sa hallohallomall saka countdown sale nila, naku! lalo na yung mga items na mamahalin. wala silang buyer protection, matagal din sila magrefund. hassle talaga ang hallohallomall WORST buying site ever. mga manloloko. SCAMMERS!!!

Instincts brought me here -- i was about to purchase na. Thank GOD I am not able to place my order and will never be after reading these reviews. Thanks!

oh my god. makakarma din kayo. mga hinayupak

The worst shopping site. Sa customers siguro okay sa kanila kasi they can have items for free by purchasing through points. Pero kawawa po mga sellers dito. I was once a seller in this site. But I already closed my shop sa kanila. Sa una, okay naman sila. Pero nung nagtagal, pumangit na.
Very poor customer service. No one replies to your emails. I ship orders promptly yet they don't settle my payment on time. Just imagine you have to wait 10-15 days para mabayaran ka at mabalik ang puhunan mo tapos made-delay lang? :|
They put shipped orders into pending status even if you already provided update from the courier and even if the customer already received the item/s at kahit na nagpost na mismo sa message board confirming na na-receive na talaga. They don't contact customers to verify kung na-receive na ba o wala. Ganyan sila katamad. Gusto nila ikaw lahat magtrabaho. Di sila nagbabasa ng updates sa message board basta copy+paste lang ang notifications nila wala silang paki-alam.
They delete negative comments in their FB page and mark them as spam and block people instead of communicating properly and provide answers. Ang laki2x ng commission nila, up to 10%+15pesos per transaction pero sobrang pangit ang service!
I already closed my shop dahil sa sakit ng ulo na dulot nila sa akin. Sobrang stressed talaga ako. It's not worth it. Sa mga sellers isip2x muna bago mag-open ng shop dito. Okay lang sila sa umpisa, pero sa katagalan lumalabas na ang tunay nilang kulay!

I'm a seller of hallo hallo mall. I already sent the product kasi paid and waiting for shipping na, tapos nareceive na ng buyer kaya completed na ang status, then bigla nila pinaitan ng hallo hallo amll ang status sa pending! I didn't get paid to that item. At yung iba ko sales, hindi man binabayaran. Every time pa na may bumibili, lagi nila cancel. Kunwari may points, ayaw nila i-accept ang points payment. Ang tagal pa ng response sa queries. Hindi talaga maganda ang hallo hallo mall. Sakit talaga ng ulo!

i am also a seller, ako naman pag me order at paid and waiting na ang status, pinapa ship ko yan agad dahil auko ng complain and of course para din maganda ang image ng shop ko. pero ang nakakainis sa hallo hallo mall, antagal ng roi namin, at mas madalas super delay nila kami bayaran. marami na po kaming nag alisan sa hallo hallo mall. hindi maganda mag business dito, niloloko na nila ang shopowners.

grabeeee talaga sila, akala mo kung sino sila mag followup ng delivery eh mas mabilis ng kami mag ship kaysa sa mga empleyado nila na pinagbukas nila ng shop para kumpitensyahin kaming mga shop owner na naunang bumuhay sa hallo hallo na yan, kundi naman sa amin at sa mga koneksyn at existing na customers namin eh papasukin ba yang basurang website na yan, tang ina nyu marami pa kayong utang sa akin na mga naiship ko na bayaran ninyo ako, manunuba kayo ! mamatay ka ng punyeta kayong mag syotang tomboy tangina ninyo, wag na kayo tatawag sa akin dahil wala kayong kwentang kausap, sa email tayo para black and white, bayaran ninyo ako ! !

just closed my shop recently. hindi marunong magbayad ang hallo hallo mall, meron silang process pero sila rin ang di sumusunod. wag na kayong magbukas ng shop dito.

i am calling all the shop owners who had nightmares with Hallo Hallo Mall, its time for us to be heard, sa dami ng customer complaints, we should also share na maski tayo ay hindi rin na treat ng maayos ng website na ito. keep on comin :)

Mga Gaga. Kaya nga may COD na sila ngayon.

matagal n yang COD n option nila. At kahit COD pa, pangit pa rin serbisyo nila.

check ! kahit ano pang payment option nila. isang malaking walang kwenta. tinawag pa tayong mga gaga ng damuhong empleyado ng hallo hallo mall na yan. walang breeding..teka baka naman totoo nga na mga highschool dropouts ang mga empleyado nila. kulang sa moral. pweee

nakakatuwa naman mga mababasa mo dito, isang empleyado ng hallo hallo mall ang nagtatanggol sa sandamakmak na reklamo s knila. nakakaawa naman kayo. anyways please try philgifts.com para sa mga online shoppers natin abroad at lazada.com para sa mga local online shoppers natin. subok na matibay..subok na matatag at walang SCAM

This is awakening.thank u sa mga comments,its a good thing i havent placed my order yet...

its good na marami ako nabasa galing s mga customer online ng hallohallo mall. parang alanganin narin ako mag order sa kanila. Kasi my experience sa lazada ay within 3 days na dumating sa aking ang order ko despite the distance from manila to basilan province. So we need really yung mga trusted stores but I will try muna bago mag final say ako sa hallohallo mall.

I have a shop with Hallo Hallo, Okay naman ah, what are you guys talking about? Be mindful kasi ng rules and regulations nila para wala kayong delay or problema. I recommend it to my cusotmers oursite hte online world kasi they can get points pa! hehe

Wag niyong sisihin ang customers at sellers kung hindi maganda experience nila sa Hallo Hallo Mall! Sa tingin niyo ba pupunta yan dito at mag-cocomment kung maayos silang kinakausap at binibigyan solusyon at sagot sa mga complaints nila?!

At nagbabasa kami ng rules and regulations ano! Sila ang hindi tumutupad sa mga policies nila!

di nga maganda experience ko sa hallo hallo, bagal... 7-10 days daw ship??? 11 days na, hindi pa naguupdate status ko sa COD shipped... COD approved parin sya.. diba 2-7days daw after maging COD shipped.. baka abutin nga sakin ng 3weeks to a month

Expect the worst po. Ako nga more than 2 months na wala pa rin. Last January pa bayad wala pa rin. Di pa raw dumarating stocks from supplier, eh bakit pinost nila wala naman pala stocks? Tapos sabihin na 7-10 days ang delivery? Ano tawag dun? Diba panloloko? Nauna pa dumating ung ibang order ko galing China ano, hindi pa express shipping iyon. Wew. Guess what? Hindi na sila tumatanggap ng Paypal. Hindi na siguro nila kinaya ang chargeback sa disputes. Sabi nila technical problem lang daw, pero tinanggal na talaga nila iyong Paypal sa site nila. Di mo na makita logo.

i was scammed by hallo hallo mall. i ordered via paypal then after waiting for 6 weeks they cancelled it and never returned my money. i ordered in Zalora last week and lucky to spoke to a certain 'Ney' she said she is a former hallo hallo mall employee but resigned bcoz this company has no future :) actually 3 raw sila dun sa zalora na galing ng hallo hallo mall and she is the one responsible for business development team. nakausap ko siya bcoz their csr's are all engaged then un na dial ko eh sa department nila napunta, very professional ang tone ng voice and she did not say anything agains hallo hallo mall but told me na i should contact the seller prior ordering :) WOW if good employees like her leaves hallo hallo mall..means this company/management really has problems.

Hi, you can send all your complaints against HalloHalloMall to:
Officer-in Charge
Consumer Assistance and Protection Division
Email : dtincrlegal@yahoo.com
Kindly show proof of credit card charge/payment slips and email exchanges between you and the merchant’s customer service.
I have already filed mine and its awaiting prioritization, pls do the same
Hallo Hallo Mall is now tagged as a SCAMMER Website

IT'S A BIG LIE talaga itong HalloHallo mall. I ordered 1 item sa kanila after 1 week sinabi nilang cancelled daw yong order. Problema ko,dahil sa credit ko na charge ang payment. Sinulatan ko itong Customer Service nila, ang sabi mag file daw sila ng reversal at mag hintay ako ng 15 banking days. Kaso 45 banking days na, wala pang reversal. I follow up several times na, kaso wala paring action. Palaging sinasabi na informed na raw nila and billing department ng hallohallo mall. Problema ko tuloy binabayaran ko yong monthly billing statement ng credit ko for 2 months na, plus interest and penalties. Ang bagal talaga mag action itong management ng hallohallo mall naka kainis......

marami na po akong nasubukang online shoppe and yes i never had a problem and im happy to shop online shopping than go to mall.

This is a BiG SCAM! Buyers deposit but don't get the goods, Sellers send the goods but don't get paid by Hallo2.

Wow! I learned a lot about Hallo Hallo mall... We are building a website for all the customers to have a venue to post their reviews.

order item - paid through bank deposit - they cancel my order - didn't reply to my inquiry - didn't give back my money!

that's hallohallomall's 5 steps to scamming me!

may COD naman, ginagawang tanga nio lang sarili nio. kung dmting e d byaran kung hnde o walang nawalan. bumili nga muna kayo ng utak bgo kau bumili ng kung anu-ano.

I for one, also have bad experienced with the site. I ordered a tablet for P8990.00 paid thru credit card of my friend. They emailed me and told me it was fraud, and I need to send some requirements to justify that I have the right to use the credit card. I send 3 ids of my friend and also the credit card photo as well (but I covered the security code at the back). I though it was ok, so I was excited for the tablet that I ordered.
but the next day they ask for further info, like billing statement, authorization letter and more ids, failure to comply within 24 hours will result to cancellation of order,
so I have it cancelled cause my friend and I will not see each other for 3 days.
The bad thing is, they already charge the card, which they said is fraud.
And was told that i will be refunded after 15 banking days.
I check sites and reviews and found out that there are so many customers who are not refunded. so I keep on waiting now, what should I do?

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