Sony PS Vita Price in the Philippines (Updated)

The Sony Playstation Vita has unofficially arrived in the Philippines, thanks to gray market vendors around the metro.

So where are the best places to buy the Playstation Vita at the best price? Malls? Sure. Online? Possibly. Direct? Better, but dangerous.

If you're one of the first people to purchase a PS Vita once it came out on the gray market in the Philippines, you probably spent 17, 18, 19 grand. Too bad the current market prices are quite a few grands down to say the least. Instead, consider your loss as a bragging right of being one of the first people in the nation to own the said device.

Sony PS Vita Price in the Philippines

SM Megamall

Anyway, onto the prices. SM Megamall's Astro Plus carries the PS Vita at around P14,000.00, Wi-Fi unit only as far as I know. Haven't checked Toy Kingdom yet, but my bet is they're selling it higher than the former. Do check out the 4F's Cyber Zone as they might carry it cheaper there.

Greenhills Shopping Mall

PS Vita prices in the Greenhills Shopping Mall are quite off the average. Some sell for P15,000.00, other stalls sell for higher, while some stores just are off the chart crazy. I don't know what's up with the place, but it may have to do something with the notion that rich people are the only people who roll at that mall. And that's not the 3G+WiFi unit they're selling. Go figure.

Update: A store called Gamers Extreme (or Games Extreme, can't recall) sells WiFi PS Vitas for P15,000.00 (bundle) and WiFi+3G units for P19,300.00 (bundle). Asian versions if I recall correctly.

Shangri-la Plaza at EDSA

Located near the food court of Shangri-la Plaza, Data Blitz sells PS Vitas at around P14,000.00, Wi-Fi unit bundled with Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It also seems that they carry cheaper goods there, as they sell 320GB PS3s for P13k, and the latest XBox 360s for P10.3k.


Even if you'll pay in USD, purchasing online seems to be the cheaper option. At $249 (about P10.7k) for the Wi-Fi unit and $299 (about P12.8k) for the 3G+Wi-Fi unit, online is the way to go. That is, if the shipping fees won't kill you. I don't know how much they'll charge you but I suggest you use Johnny Air Cargo's services. They have an office in Makati (tel no. 817-0781). They charge by the pound.

So there you have it for this insightful post. The next time someone tries to sell you a used PS Vita for 15k, slap his or her lips off. Also, holla at the comments box below if you find a place that sells the PS Vita at a lower price, off-line or on-line.

'Till my next installment.

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Note : 3g version ordered via amazon US, or US psvita units in general will be sim locked to AT&T, so the functionality would not be usable in PH. Best best if importing, stick to wifi only.

Im selling a brand new vita ( wifi ) with uncharted, 4gb memory card and screen protector for 13,500. If interested email me.

Wow, good news bumaba na sa P14k. Sa Philippines ba may available na kaya Wi-Fi/3G unit?

Nice friend! Never thought na babagsak presyo nito. Excited na ako makakuha sa payday ko this March 15. Hehe


Yes, there's already WiFi++3G units selling here in the PH. I own one and it costs around P19,300.00, that's the Asian Version bundle pack.

Located near the food court of Shangri-la Plaza, Data Blitz sells PS Vitas at around P14,000.00, Wi-Fi unit bundled with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

_sir are you sure that this is the real price of ps vita in datablitz(shangri-la plaza)??


Yes I'm sure. It has sticker price on it that says that. If it goes for 19k or more it's a 3G/WiFi Vita. WiFi only Vitas sell for 14 to 16k tops. More than that is a ripoff.

here @ paseo sta rosa laguna,they sell wifi + 3g unit for 20.5k

There's one in Gameline @ SM city Sta. Mesa 3rd Floor it's 15k. I just dk if it's only Wifi or with 3g

i sell psp vita wifi only for only me at 09305385683

@AnonymousApr 6, 2012 12:40 AM

you're kidding right? ps vita sells for as low as 11,500 sa game gizmo... liitan mo kaya yan dude

Meron sa SM Sta. Mesa Wifi+3g @ 23k. bundled with satarter pack. Which would cast around 2k.

dbgadgets is selling it for 12,400 wifi only..

sir? wifi bundled po ba ung available sa SM Megamall? and haggang ngayon po ba ganun pa din po ung price nya? :)

where is cheapest to buy vita near manila and how much? pls send my email . Ths

I bought my ps-vita for 12,000 pesos. wi-fi model only. additional fee for the vita memory cards which in my opinion are very expensive. I only got the 4gb which cost me 950 pesos. Bili kayo sa DATABLITZ mas reasonable ang price doon compare to other shops.

how much is psp 3001 at sm san lazaro or sm north edsa

i work here in hongkong ps vita wifi here only pesos,

may nakita akong website na nagbebenta ng psvita worth aroung Php 10,435

meron ako nkita online nga lng..pero safe dun..kc bumili na ko.medyo wait k nga lng shipping

ps vita bundle blackops bundle with 4gb memory..card.. 249USD

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