How to Disable and Remove Facebook Timeline (Updated)

There's an old saying that goes "Don't fix it if it ain't broke". Now, this applies to almost anything, even social networking giants.

Facebook recently unleashed the fury of the Facebook Timeline, a feature that would supposedly make users keep coming back. The expectations with this feature were so high Facebook even said that users would, after years and years of disuse, return to the social network to look back and relive what they were doing ages ago. That's their version of the story.

For casual users, the Facebook Timeline roll-out was nothing but a huge mess. A lot of users find it annoying and are complaining to bring their old Facebook pages back i.e. remove the Timeline feature.

Before the huge roll-out, there were multitudes of ways to do this. Sadly none of those don't work no more, except one: The Timeline Remove.

how to remove disable revert back uninstall facebook timeline

The Timeline Remove is a browser-based extension that would mask the Timeline feature on your computer (and with other computers that has the extension installed) and make your Facebook page look classic again. Other users without the Timeline Remove extension would keep seeing your Timelined page though.

To enjoy this priceless extension just go to

How to Disable and Remove Facebook Timeline

Timeline-enabled Facebook account
Timeline Remove extension
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (Safari extension under development)

1. Download Timeline Remove extension from;
2. When a warning prompt shows, click Yes or Save. Security programs may read the extension as a potentially damaging file, needless to say the extension itself is not malicious;
3. An install dialog box will appear. Click install;
4. Log-in your Facebook account. If it is already logged in, just press F5 or click Refresh;
5. Congratulations. You have successfully disabled and removed the Facebook Timeline feature.

If you'd want to return to the Timeline view for whatever reason though, just go to your extensions tab and disable Timeline Remove then hit Refresh.

And that's how you disable and remove the Facebook Timeline. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter to inform your friends.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. yes, i need this...but i hope they would add opera browser too...

  2. If I am not mistaken, this also supports Opera browser.

  3. Didn't work for me ;-((


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