Soul Crash Cheats and Hacks for Facebook (Apr 20 2012)

Update 20 April 2012: Huge update with tutorials on how to gain thousands of Enhance Stones, max enchanted weapons, Onyx and Gundam perma sets, instant levels, and more.

Welcome to our Soul Crash cheats and hacks for Facebook post. You can find the latest Soul Crash cheats, cheat codes, hacks, downloads, and discussions on this page.

Soul Crash is this hot new game on Facebook developed by Gaia Interactive. It's a fighting game which, like modern fighting games nowadays, lets you dress up your characters with cute clothes and deadly weapons while delivering a somewhat Street Fighter feel.

The similarities end up there though: Soul Crash for the most part, only has 3 moves to select and has its mechanics automated, but at least you get to decide how to fight your fight. There's also this tag team feature which lets you calls upon your team members to add a little more juice.

Anyway, if you're trying to avert spending $30.00 for premium in-game Soul Crash items (which would buy full console games by the way), scroll down below for the Soul Crash cheats and hacks for Facebook.

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Attention: If you're planning to use the Soul Crash cheats and hacks for Facebook given below, please do so sparingly and carefully. Greedily and carelessly using the listed Soul Crash cheats will inevitably lead to hard-to-crack patches. You can't blame anyone but yourselves for overusing these cheats.

Soul Crash Item Index Numbers Guide
index  item_name
1  Knapsack
2  wings of Gabriel
3  War banner
5  body_add2
6  medallion
7  body_add n belt
68         Dark Wings
69         Bandit Mask
121         Ninja Mask [30]
139  Steel Short sword
140  Scorpion's Sting
141  Back Set3
142  Dark Crimson Crescent
143  body_add_m13
144  ragged top
145  Gothic Dress
146  cloth f4
147  cloth f6
148  yellow male short hair
149  long black F hair
150  Yellow male hair
151  training gloves
152  Gothic Ribbons
153  maid's cap
154  training suit
155  ragged pants
156  Gothic leggins
157  pants_f4
158  training pants
159  pants_f6
160  Gothic Shoes
161  shoe_f4
162  training sandals
163  Lucifer Blade
164  Cloud Splitter
165  cloth beginner12
167  set_witch
168  Dark Wings
169  Dark Crimson Armor
170  cloth_beginner13
171  squire's padding
173  Gothic finery
174  Dark Crimson Gauntlet
175  squire's gloves
176  hand beginner13
177  ruffled cap
179  Dark Crimson greaves
180  pants_beginner13
181  squire's pants
182  fauntleroy's pants
183  shoes_f16
184  Dark Crimson boots
185  shoe_beginners13
186  squire's shoes
187  harem's revenge
188  Grail's knight blade
189  king's cross
190  Excalibur
191  warrior's heart
192  machined warblade
193  machined short sword
194  serrated dagger
195  night stalker
196  Hunter's blade
197  Abyss_edge
198  feather light rapier
199  elx_swablade
200  Holy Judgement sword
201  back_m13
202  cloth_m13
203  fauntleroy's top
204  cloth_japanF
205  black female hair
207  white_male hair
208  brown male hair
209  fauntleroy's gloves
210  elx battle gloves
211  Dark Crimson Helmet
212  Hat_m13
215  pants_m13
216  pants_japanF
217  fauntleroy's shoes
218  elx battle boots
219  shoe_japanF
220  Dark Crimson Blade
221  back_m1
222  elx battle gear
223  cloth_beginner15
224  cloth_beginner16
225  students top
226  female long hair
229  hand_japanF
230  elx_battle goggles
231  eyeglasses
233  cloth_beginner10
236  pants_beginner15
237  elx_battle greaves
238  shoe begginer15
239  shoe_beginner03
240  glad sword
241  seraph blade
242  elx_battle sword
340        |   
341        |
342        |
343         > Gundam Set
344        |
345        |
346        |
347        |
348            Gundam Weapon
390         |
391      |
392       > Onyx Set
393      |
395      |
396      |
397  Onyx Dragon Sword
410  Onyx Dragon Sword lvl50
411  Brutus
412  roughneck mauler
413  devil's eye
414  temple defender
415  gothic finery
416  student's uniform
417  Aegis neck
420  squire's padding
421  lighning spike sword
422  Cinder Heart sword
423  SWORD50
424  SWORD51
425  ninja neck
426  ninja set
427  tilted belt
428  cloth_f2
429  gloves_f2
430  pants_f2
431  boots_f2
432  4lvl boss weapon
433  4lvl boss
434  blossom hat
435  sash
436  bracelet
437  blossom skirt
438  blossom sandals
439  blossom set
440  gladiator top
441  gladiator shorts
442  gladiator sandals
443  gladiator set
444  wings top
445  golden gloves
446  icarus shorts
447  golden sneakers
448  wings of icarus
455           Mystic Blade
456           Aqua Jet
457           Earth Saber
458           Fire Axe
More Soul Crash Index Item Numbers Click Here

Thanks and credits to glene1974 for the Soul Crash item index numbers.

Soul Crash: Coins/Enhance Stones/ Instant Level/Energy Hack Tutorial

Charles Proxy
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Soul Crash account

1. Download and install a full version of Charles Web Debugging Proxy;
2. Log-in your Soul Crash account, load it, then switch back to Charlex Proxy;
3. At Charles Proxy, go to Structure, right-click Quest, then check Breakpoints. You may experience momentary lag;

4. Click Execute on Charles Proxy when it appears on the Overview tab;

soul crash charles proxy detailed tutorial

5. Now, proceed to the Edit Response tab and paste the following text on the XML:
 <QUEST index="1" value="2" tag="2" date="1334320650" /> 
 <QUEST index="2" value="0" tag="2" date="1334379003" /> 
 <QUEST index="3" value="1" tag="2" date="1334379114" /> 
 <QUEST index="4" value="0" tag="2" date="1334379418" /> 
 <QUEST index="5" value="0" tag="2" date="1334379457" /> 
 <QUEST index="6" value="0" tag="2" date="1334379469" /> 
soul crash perma set hack

Press on Execute after performing the step;

6. Finish the quest on your Soul Crash window, and make sure that the weapon you're about to enchant has not reached its maximum upgrade level;
7. After finishing the quest, return to Charles Proxy. You will notice two go_quest files on the Structure tab. Right-click on the very first one then select Repeat Advanced. Enter your desired iteration. 100 would be a good choice;
8. Repeat 7 on the second go_quest file. This process will give you Enhance Stones.

soul crash perma set hack enhance stones onyx gundam robot set

9. Congratulations. You've successfully enchanted your weapons and have gained Enhance Stones.

And that's a wrap. If you've followed the process correctly, there's a high chance you'll also figure out full energy and coins.

All thanks and credits belong to MissTearUse for the Soul Crash Weapon Enchantment, Enhance Stones, and Instant Level tutorial on Charles Proxy

Soul Crash Instant Level Hack

Charles Proxy
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Soul Crash account

1. Load Charles Proxy and your Soul Crash account. Do a normal battle;
2. After the battle finishes, switch back to Charles Proxy. Subtract the experience you need to gain a level from your current experience points. Follow the image below:

soul crash instant level hack cheat

Click Execute after defining the required parameters.

2. If you desire to continue leveling, click on Execute again. A new save_level file will appear at the bottom of the save_level with the pencil image.

soul crash unlimited coins hack

Repeat 1, but change the level and experience points required according to the level and experience points described at the Response Tab of the new save_level file.

At the example above, after right clicking -> Edit, the save_level parameters you must enter must be "level:12" and "exp:9360"

All thanks and credits belong to MissTearUse for the Soul Crash Weapon Enchantment, Enhance Stones, and Instant Level tutorial on Charles Proxy.

Soul Crash Permanent Onyx Dragon Set +9999999 Cheat Mod

This one is a bit complicated, but basically it involves giving you a permanent Onyx Dragon set plus a crazy amount of gold. I'll let you guys figure it out yourselves because we're currently having problems with leaks and quick patches.

Status: Working 04/14/2012

Proof before patches: Click here to download

Mozilla Firefox
.NET Framework 2.0 above
This file

Soul Crash Unlimited Energy Cheat

Cheat Engine
Mozilla Firefox
Soul Crash account

1. Log-in to your Soul Crash account and launch Cheat Engine;
2. At the Cheat Engine window select processor then type your current energy then hit New Scan;3
3. Switch back to your Soul Crash window and play a game. After a battle is finished, return to the Cheat Engine window, type in your new energy then click on Next Scan. Continue doing this until one or two addresses remain;
4. At the last remaining address(es), put the address on the Cheat Engine window (the blank space at the bottom section) and freeze it. Now you have unlimited energy for Soul Crash.

Note: Your energy will decrease by threes every time you play a game but this feature will still allow you to battle. Savable.

These are currently the only available Soul Crash cheats and hacks for Facebook I have on this post. I'll be updating this page once more cheats come out.

Meanwhile, share or like this post on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

'Till my next installment.

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    note: if you can't drag the item into the sell box, just find the index of the item then: Go to charles> edit sell_item> Forms tab then edit the "index".

    "AnonymousApr 25, 2012 07:38 PM
    note: its a bug item.. if u try to sell it no gold will be given to you..somehow i manage to convert this bug into real item.. just figure it yourself.. i'm a charles expert user.."
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