House of Marley Breaks Into PH Audio Market

Local distributor JERM Marketing recently released the legendary House of Marley brand onto the Philippine audio market at the Privé Luxury Club at the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City Taguig. Present in the event were newspaper bigwigs, local fashionistas, and selected members of the new media.

The brand, which celebrates the memory of Jamaican ska and reggae god Bob Marley, not only focuses on giving about a fantastic audio experience, but also aims to tell people what you stand for while being environmentally friendly, ergo the "you are what you wear" concept.

House of Marley offers a myriad of audio products, from the compact in-ear earbuds to the "Bob-worthy" on-ear headphones. Non-conventional design materials are incorporated to all House of Marley products such as wood, RPET, and discarded fibers of hemp. Other products that would be offered in the near future are speaker systems built especially for Apple devices, watches, and apparel that are made of the same re-spun thread found in their earbuds and headphones.

Most of the product lines are either named from Bob Marley's songs or albums e.g. the Exodus line or the Midnight Ravers in-ear headphones. Soundwise (and considering the limited time we tested the products on showcase), House of Marley headphones sound like your entry-level to mid-tier cans, albeit a lot more cool to look at.

Currently, only three varieties of the brand are available in the Philippines. House of Marley's local portal meanwhile (unlike the US version) is not yet offering online purchases. However, one can still avail the said audio products at selected National Bookstore branches, Anson's stores, Power Books bookstores, Duty Free Puregold establishments, and at S&R membership shopping warehouses. It's also highly likely that these cans would soon be on sale at your friendly neighborhood mall.

Go to if you want to learn more about The House of Marley and its products. You should also watch out for our incoming House of Marley Smile Jamaica: Curry headphone review.

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