How to Know the Best Stereos for Cars

For many music enthusiasts, car stereos are an essential component of a car’s internal makeup. But long gone are the days when car stereos comprised solely of a radio and cassette player. Today, cars can have full entertainment systems, fitted with crystal clear sound – not to mention GPS navigation, video, and Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

Car stereos vary a great deal in quality and complexity, and you’ll need to consider what features you want before hitting the shops.

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Multi-disc Changer

Multi-disc changers are a great aspect of modern car stereos. Simply load your CDs into the device and a whole host of albums will be available at your fingertips – eradicating the need to store CDs in the car. Kenwood, for example, has a huge range of quality car audio devices. A Kenwood car stereo is likely to have a multi-disc changer as standard.

For the modern listener, a CD radio with MP3 connectivity might be preferable.

HD Radio and Satellite Radio Tuners

In addition to AM and FM, many contemporary car stereos have HD Radio and Satellite

Radio, built in to the system. Not only do both HD and satellite radio provide higher quality audio performance and a clearer reception, they also give motorists more choice of programmes to listen to.

Remote Controls

Make controlling your car stereo and its many features more convenient than ever by using a remote control! A number of new cars come with stereo controls imbedded into the steering wheel, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel whilst still controlling your music.

USB Ports

Having a USB port on the front panel of your modern car stereo system can prove extremely useful, allowing you to plug in a USB memory stick and play your entire music collection. If you’d prefer to connect an iPod to your car stereo, this port can be used for that purpose too.

Remember, it is vitally important to avoid distractions when driving. And that means keeping noise disturbance to a minimum. Always drive with your radio at a reasonable volume, and never attempt to operate the controls whilst trying to complete manoeuvres.

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