QUIRKS Mighty Wallet and Undercover Mini Sleeve Review

Remember when you were a kid and you see something on a spy show, like a super secret envelope, and you were all like "I want one of those!" A recently established novelty store in the Metro will bring your childhood dreams to life.

Enter QUIRKS, a novelties and curiosities store that sells random-looking stuff that are actually useful. Envelope wallets, gumby wall hooks, maple leaf door stoppers, this store has got you covered.

The kind folks at QUIRKS sent us items to showcase that you will absolutely love. Here's two of their best sellers: the Mighty Wallet and the Undercover Mini Sleeve.

The Undercover Mini Sleeve

A one-of-a-kind pouch, the Undercover Mini Sleeve brings your spy on. It looks like a harmless envelope sleeve from afar, complete with stamps and all, but open it up lo and behold it becomes a pouch for whatever you want it to hold.

The sleeve is well-made, with straight stitches covering the sides and corners. It looks like paper, but it's not. Plus it's waterproof.

Red velcro is the locking mechanism of choice. What I still don't get though is the use of the excess velcro. Perhaps you can use it to let the envelope stick to other velcro-responsive materials. That's for the spy in you to find out.

Like I said, it's a pouch for whatever you want it to hold. In my case, I put my phone in it. A perfect fit.

The Undercover Mini Sleeve, produced by LUCKIES of LONDON, is an imported product from the United Kingdom. It sells for P840.00 and is exclusively available at QUIRKS.

Dot Matrix Pi Mighty Wallet

What looks like an innocent sheet of folded print paper with random dot-matrix numbers on it is actually a full-fledged wallet, complete with extra pockets for cards and another two pockets for cash.

Apparently the Mighty Wallet is made from Tyvek, a super-tough microfiber material that's also found in express mail envelopes. It's water-resistant, so if you have sweaty pants this paper wallet won't crumple. It's also tear-resistant, unless you decide to cut it with scissors.

Sadly it doesn't have a key holder inside, but what the heck. Who needs in-wallet key holders when you have a wallet this cool and quirky?

The Mighty Wallet, available in over 20 different designs, is a Dynomighty brand product imported from the USA. It sells for P780.00 exclusively at QUIRKS.

Bonus QR code. Scan time!

As with everything quirky, QUIRKS sells a plethora of other items that's sure to pique your interest. And if you're looking forward to purchasing their products elsewhere, don't be mistaken: QUIRKS is the only go-to place for these goods as they hold the only exclusive distribution rights locally.

QUIRKS branches are located at:

Stall 320-a, Level R3, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Units K-516 to 517, Level 5, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City

(Shipping is for free for items P1,500 and above)

QUIRKS social channels:

So whether you want to put some twist into your everyday life or just simply share the magic of smile and humor to an otherwise grumpy person, QUIRKS is the place to be.

'Till my next installment.

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