Alcatel Shows Off Affordable Android Line to the Market

Alcatel Philippines (@PHAlcatelMobile) recently held an intimate lunch together with members of the media to reintroduce their One Touch series.

All running the Android OS, Alcatel's One Touch series are among the most elegant-looking of smartphones a consumer can find on the market while carrying a price that's easy on the pocket. One such example is the Alcatel One Touch Inspire 991D, released lately into the market as one of the most affordable 4" dual-SIM Android smartphones, selling for only P8,999.

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Alcatel also has two feature phones up its sleeve: The Alcatel One Touch Glam 810 RED, and the Alcatel One Touch Spark FB 916. The former is a phone designed with femininity in mind, shaped like a powder compact, lighting up when receiving messages while sporting a 2.4" display and a QWERTY keyboard. The latter meanwhile, runs on Android 2.3, looks like a Nokia crossed with a Blackberry, and has the FB in its name because of its heavy integration to Facebook. It really is a social networking phone.

In attendance at the event were what seemingly are—although unofficial, yet— the new faces of Alcatel, including Steph Henares, Steff Prescott, and Tin Patrimonio (it should be noted here that Alcatel PH knows gorgeous women).

Another highlight of the event was the giveaway portion of Alcatel smartphones to bloggers, in which one lucky soul won Alcatel's flagship Android phone, the One Touch Sapphire 995.

On a related note, click here if you're looking for a complete price list of Alcatel smartphones here in the Philippines this 2012. Meanwhile, keep your tabs on us as we release our full Alcatel One Touch Blaze 985N review in a few weeks.

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  1. Palagay ko dapat mas babaan ang price ng Inspire kasi yung Lenovo P700 mas maganda specs and nasa 10.9k lang, ICS pa..


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