Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Mobile

Cloud storage services are popping up everywhere, sometimes up to the point of being a dime a dozen. And with all of their services being practically the same, it all boils down to who offers the biggest free storage or greatest gimmicks at sign-up.

So we compiled here a list of the best free cloud storage services in terms of storage space offered upfront. Hope you find it useful. Enjoy.

What is the best cloud out there, really?

Mobile Cloud Storage Apps with Free Initial Storage Space*

Huawei Cloud Storage - 1GB (1,024MB)
Dropbox - 2GB
ASUS Storage - 2GB
Fiabee - 2GB
Mozy - 2GB
Bitdefender Safebox - 2GB
CloudMe - 3GB
Hitachi Backup - 3GB
Memopal - 3GB
Zoolz - 4GB
Apple iCloud - 5GB
Amazon Cloud Drive - 5GB
Box - 5GB
Cubby - 5GB
HiDrive - 5GB
FlipDrive - 5GB
Ubuntu One File - 5GB
OpenDrive - 5GB
Wuala - 5GB
Google Drive - 5GB
Microsoft Skydrive - 7GB
MegaCloud - 8GB
CX - 10GB
Wamigo - Up to 20GB free
ADrive Mobile - 50GB

Of course there's the issue of sustainability, security, and company stability. If you're going for security, better choose cloud storage services that are deeply rooted in the industry, such as Microsoft, Google, or Dropbox. Otherwise, go for the likes of ADrive Mobile or CX for cloud storage that is leagues ahead from their competitors.

If there's a fantastic free cloud storage service on mobile that I left out, hit the comments box below.

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'Till my next installment.

*Stated cloud storage apps may or may not be available in both Android and iOS devices

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