Dragon City Cheats and Tools for Facebook

I've heard of the movie How to Train Your Dragon from 2010, but did you know that you can raise your own dragon on Facebook? If you haven't yet, you should.

Enter Social Point's Dragon City. In it, you get to have, not a city per se, but a farm full of dragon eggs, dragons, pens, and then some, and hope that you can raise 'em all—all being 150 dragons. That's A LOT. It also features quests and PvP dragon fights.

And if you're already playing Dragon City, here's a compilation of Dragon City cheats, hacks, and tools for Facebook.

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Dragon City Cheats, Hacks, and Tools for Facebook

Dragon City Quick Egg Hatch Instant Breeding Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine (CE)
Advanced knowledge in using CE
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Dragon City account

1. Log in your Dragon City Facebook account and start the Cheat Engine;
2. On your Cheat Engine window, set the value type to double;
3. Scan all the following breeding time values and change them all to "1"
  • 1 hr - 3600
  • 2 hr - 7200
  • 3 hr - 10800
  • 4 hr - 14400
  • 6 hr - 21600
  • 8 hr - 28800
  • 12 hr - 43200
  • 15 hr - 54000
  • 48 hr - 172800
4. Go back to your Dragon City window and start breeding. Instant breeding your dragons should be enabled at this point. Breeding will only take 1 second from now on.

Dragon City Ultimate Hack - Instant 100M Gold, Food, and Gems

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Dragon City account

1. Open this link (You will be redirected to a Facebook app): Dragon City Ultimate Hack
2. Enter the application then open your Dragon City account;
3. Now you have lots of free money, food, and gem.

*Credits to benoit934 and blietzkreigz for this cheat

Dragon City Gem Tool

benoit934 is kind enough to share to us his latest gem tool in Dragon City. Simply open your Facebook account and go here (You will be redirected to a Facebook app): Dragon City Gem Tool

*Credits to benoit934 for this tool

And that's about it for this post. I'll add more Dragon City Facebook cheats, hacks, and tools as soon as they get out. Meanwhile, visit the official Dragon City Facebook page here.

'Till my next installment.

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