The Big Time Show - Airs Every Saturday 9:30PM (EP 4 Season 1)

TJ's Daily, together with,,,, and @johannfojas, recently started and produced a real-time tech commentary titled The Big Time Show.

With contemporary technology in mind, The Big Time Show was started to tackle events unfolding at the tech scene and at the same time raise awareness of individuals about popular consumer products such as, but not limited to, smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, etc. The Big Time Show wouldn't also shy away from must-discuss topics tech-related or not.

The following video is yesterday's The Big Time Show (Twitter hashtags: #BTS, #bigtimeshow) episode (Ep 4 Season 1), aptly titled "Pinoy Big Bro Show Live". Enjoy.

Express your interest in The Big Time Show by sharing this us or this page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. One more reason to spread our word is because of the giveaways in store and the massive LOLs to be had.

The Big Time Show airs live around most Saturdays at anytime between 9PM to 12:30PM with no commercial breaks. The show stars tech mavens such as Alexei Rivera, Jason Ancheta, Gian Viterbo, Rafael Oca, and Johann Fojas.

'Till my next installment.

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