KingCom Philippines Android Phones and Joypad Tablets Price List

KingCom Philippines, the ubiquitous brand you see in malls everywhere, decided to go with the flow with its lineup of Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Its lineup is not so great as compared to other small players, but its still something relative to the market. You want cheap tablets? Go for a KingCom Joypad. A big fan of phablets but don't have the budget for a Samsung? Go for a Kingcom Note 903.

Without further ado, here's the KingCom Philippines Android phones and tablets price list for 2012.

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KingCom Philippines Android Phones and Tablets Price List

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KingCom Android Smartphones and Cellphones

KingCom Note Android 903 - P7,997
KingCom Android 902 - P3,734
KingCom Pink Lady KC-1 - P2,486
KingCom Pink Lady KC-2 - P2,678
KingCom TV Go 608 - P1,296
KingCom TV Go 704W - P2,390
KingCom TV Go 405 - P1,382
KingCom TV Go 702 - P1,718

KingCom Tablets and Cameras

KingCom Joypad C101 - P7,990
KingCom Joypad C71 - P6,340
KingCom Joypad C72 - P6,340
KingCom Joypad 73 - P3,990
KingCom Joypad 81 - P4,990
KingCom Joypad C81 - P8,990
KingCom DV-K503 - P3,754
KingCom DV-K505 - P4,203
KingCom DV-V128 - P5,635

Hopefully KingCom will churn out more competent Android smartphones in the coming months so that consumers will have more choices.

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'Till my next installment.

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  1. King Com and Cherry Mobile's price range on their android units are somewhat the same. I just wonder what brand is more reliable.

  2. just buy cherry mobile kingcom android tablet is a piece of crap...i bought joypad c101 they replace it a day after coz its not working properly,then after a 2 weeks i returned it for repair coz of the charging issue and the its always hanging..they told me to get the unit after a month..what???im telling you guys you will regret if you will buy tablet or any android phone in wellcom..

  3. is that price only temporary or permanent...
    because i want to buy 704W if ever this will take long or permanent maybe i can buy it....

  4. What will I do if my cam stops on working?? Needs some help.. its our first time to use the cam and after several minutes, it stops on working.. why was that???

  5. i experienced the same..

  6. ay nku bkod sa pangit na products nila ang babastos pa ng mga salesgirl and salesmen nla!

  7. pano po ba settings para makapag browse ng internet

  8. naforget ko po yung settings what will I do?

  9. I regret buying their joypad, its so difficult to scroll, weak wifi, short battery life... product not good at all..

  10. I regret buying their joy pad, its so difficult to scroll, has very weak wifi, low battery life, product not good at all!...

  11. I regret buying their joypad, its so difficult to scroll, weak wifi, short battery life... product not good at all..

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