Robert Blair Carabuena MMDA Attack Video

Every now and then you'll spot some nasty spat while on the road. Unfortunately for a guy named Robert Blair Carabuena, he was filmed first-hand by none other than a TV5 news crew. What a terrible stroke of luck.

Robert Blair Carabuena, on the video wearing a purple shirt, is seen berating and physically assaulting MMDA officer Saturnino Fabros. Watch the video below:

Robert Blair Carabuena MMDA Attack Video, Sparks Online Outrage

The video spread like wildfire on the internet, especially on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. A quick online witch hunt revealed that Carabuena is an executive at Philip Morris. More personal information such as his Twitter account, his Facebook account, his LinkedIn profile, and his credentials at Ateneo has leaked onto forums and have sparked netizen outrage. Even his car's plate number, personal mobile number, and home address are already posted out in the open.

Facebook hate groups calling out Robert Blair Carabuena for his act have already been created. The MMDA meanwhile formally filed charges against him. On the other hand, Twitter celebrities are raising their pitchforks, among the first to raise is Karen Davila herself.

The "Robert Carabuena Mauls MMDA Officer" video first surfaced at the TV5 program T3, run by the notorious Tulfo brothers.

What's more scary than Robert Blair Carabuena? The fact that his life is now ruined because of internet rage. The fact that his personal information are plastered in the internet forever in a couple of hours time. I'm not defending him (he deserves what's happening to him), but calling him baboy, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, and threatening to assault him back are exactly what cyber bullying is all about. Just check out the YouTube comments.

While we feel sorry for Saturnino Fabros, we shouldn't go all-gangstah on Robert Blair Carabuena just because we can. After all, we just hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. This is a good post. I particularly like the last paragraph. Thank you for an open mind. - some woman from PMI

  2. eto tingnan nio

  3. people like carabuena should not be condoned. and remember: it was he who ganged up on mr fabros NOt the other way around. dont make him look like he is the bullied victim here. carabuena deserves all the shame. what happened to him serves as a warning to all the bulies and the "salot sa lipunan" on the road.


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