SMART LTE Launched, Details Inside

SMART, the Philippines' largest telecommunications network, officially launched the first 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network in the history of the country, the SMART LTE, at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. Gracing the event were celebrities, cosplayers, hardcore gamers, and people from the media.

The SMART LTE service allows its users to enjoy 42Mbps of download speed with a monthly cap of 10GB for a monthly fee of P3,500. It includes a  4G plug-in dongle, that would also be able to connect to SMART's 4G HSPA+, 3G, and 2G networks in the absence of an LTE signal.

With download speeds reaching up to 52.95Mbps (observed at the event proper), you can download a 50MB file in less than 10 seconds, a 1GB HD movie in about 3 1/2 minutes, and a whole online gaming client in less.

Note: 8Mbps (with a small "b"; megabit per second) is equivalent to 1MB (with a capital "b"). 42Mbps of SMART LTE speed / 8Mbps per MB = 5.25 MBps (megabyte per second).

An ideal use of the SMART LTE network are on online games requiring stability against more high speed internet opponents. If you've played games requiring internet connection (console and PC games), your character (or team, whatever the game you're playing) won't move properly and the next thing you know you're dead, unless you have a decent service. This was highlighted in the event when gaming teams situated in Manila and Cebu did one round of online gaming against each other.

Early adopters of this service will experience unlimited data on 4G LTE until October 25 or until further announcements. Counting from now, that's two month's worth of unlimited ultra high speed internet. You can basically download the whole internet in that time span. Then again, make sure that you have at least a couple of TB before you do.

Diablo III and StarCraft II booths were present at the event. Kim "Classic" Hong Jae, a top-tier SC player, was also imported from South Korea just for this very special occasion.

Discussing the fine details
  • The 10GB allocation cap includes both downloads and uploads. So if you download a total of 8GB and upload a 2GB file, you've used up your 10GB allocation;
  • You will be charged P450 per 1GB once you exceed your 10GB allocation. So if you download another 2GB worth of movies, you'll be charged an additional P900, which is globally competitive for its price as we were made to believe. You will also be charged this fee even if you exceed only an MB of data (we're hoping they will prorate this in the foreseeable future as a fixed P450 is expensive);
  • Your 10GB allocation will replenish every billing cycle. So if you start using SMART LTE on October 1, your 10GB allocation will replenish on November 1. Start it on October 15, you'll get your replenishment at November 15;
  • Any unused GB on your allocation will not carry over to next month's allocation. Better use up all your GBs without going over;
  • SMART LTE-enabled areas would have an smart lte markericon in the area.

If you have a lot of money to burn and want ultra-fast internet, SMART LTE is for you. Now, when were we a developing country again?

'Till my next installment.

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