BenQ Announces New VA LED Display Systems

BenQ recently held an intimate meeting with the members of the media to announce the their new VA LED display systems and its benefits. This and more as BenQ enjoys growth in local sales and an strong increase in brand presence.

People that are display-conscious would be interested to know more about the new BenQ VA LED monitors. BenQ's new VA (Vertical Alignment) products were pitted against the popular TN (Twisted Nematic) display during most of the demonstration. Not only were BenQ's VA LED display systems better in terms viewing angles and details, it also implements a Native Contrast Ratio, a Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and supports true 16.7m colors (as opposed to TN non-true support for the same color value)

BenQ VA LED Monitor RL2450H

The new VA LED offerings from BenQ—as up to date as they are—are surprisingly affordable too. BenQ's GW Series VA LED displays are selling for P7,999.00 for the 22" and P8,999.00 for the 24". That's a good buy for a top-of-the-line monitor.

BenQ VA LED GW Series Monitors

Benefits of a BenQ VA LED monitor (as against a TN monitor)
  • 5000:1 Native Contrast Ratio - shows ultra-fine details of objects with incredible clarity
  • True Black - makes objects stand out, turning them stunning and lifelike against a true black background acquired by minimizing light leakage
  • Wide Viewing Angle - Ultra wide angle minimizes color shift effectively
  • True 8-bit Color - Colors are brighter, livelier, and more saturated with a true 8-bit panel
BenQ VA LED Benefits

So if you're after great monitors for the cheap, go to the nearest computer shop near you and ask for BenQ VA LED displays.

As a closing, a BenQ higher up confirmed that their television systems could arrive in the country as early as 2013. I don't know their numbers exactly, but they seem to be performing greatly in the Philippines, especially in the gaming department.

'Till my next installment.

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