Complete iPhone 5 Leaked Pictures

French tech blog released another set of leaked iPhone 5 photos, this time fully assembled and is compared against all known form factors of the iPhone.

As expected, the next generation iPhone—expected to be unveiled this September—has a longer form factor to give way for the bigger screen display. Side-by-side photos also suggest that the new iPhone is the slimmest among the generations.

And judging from the looks of things, what you're seeing right now is the iPhone 5 (or New iPhone for that matter), since leak after leak the photos are consistent. It also looks like Apple is having a hard time letting their ubiquitous home button go (there's another source of future repairs).

iphone 5 front screen leaked photo

iphone 5 metal back housing leaked photo

iPhone 5 thickness comparison leaked picture

Now that the design surprise is out of the way, the contest would now be on specifications and software. I do hope there's a lot going on for this iteration of the iPhone, because things are busy on the Android side of the mountain.

Expect the iPhone 5 to hit the local gray market at around P50,000.00 or more. You might laugh about it now, but I hope I was kidding.

'Till my next installment.

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