Globe to Offer Nano-SIMs for iPhone 5

There, I said it.

Globe Telecom, the country's second largest communications provider, will be selling nano-SIMs this September. The company is apparently doing this to provide subscribers a new and better mobile experience.

For those wanting to know, nano-SIMs (although they are a million miles away from the true sense of the word "nano") are just like regular SIM cards, it's just that they're 40% smaller and more efficient. The tech industry is expecting this as the next step forward to creating thinner and sleeker mobile devices.

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"But TJ, what does this have to do with the iPhone 5?" Easy. The iPhone 5 uses nano-SIM technology, and Globe allegedly ordered 5x the volume relative to regular SIM cards, which means Globe is expecting a lot of early adopters to embrace Steve Job's posthumous baby. And the good thing about nano-SIMs aside from their size? The backwards compatibility.

Yep, this spells iPhone 5 all over it.

P.S. What would they call the next SIM smaller than the nano-SIM? Neutrino-SIM?

'Till my next installment.

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