Revolights Project at Kickstarter is Pretty Cool

With crowdsourcing as the new source of viable and quick funding these days, there's totally no surprise that people abound with ideas keep on popping up. A few months ago some guys from a Kickstarter project successfully crowdfunded Ouya (we've yet to hear from them again), and now I found another interesting project that would appeal to both casual and die-hard bikers: Revolights.

Revolights are basically two LED-rings mounted to both bicycle wheels that will illuminate a forward path, similar to a car's beam light, on the front wheel, and shine a red light at the back, for the ultimate visibility. Just watch the video below.

Now if you're all "shut up and take my money", it's not full-on selling yet as it's a Kickstarter project. The guys at Revolights are expecting a pre-release on the US, and they're going to sell it for $250 a pair (approx. P10,250.00). It's ridiculously expensive for fancy bike LEDs, I know, but people would actually buy this believe it or not.

Anyway, their website is over at Go check 'em out if you're interested or whatever.

'Till my next installment.

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