HTC Phones Price List Philippines

Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC is known in the world for producing quality smartphones. In fact, its HTC One X has for quite some time sat at the top rankings of the Quadrant Standard benchmark app.

If you're looking forward to a brand new HTC smartphone, this page might help you. The following is the price list of HTC phones in the Philippines.

htc android phones price list philippines updated

*Updated as of October 2012

HTC One X - P 22,600.00
HTC Desire V - P 13,850.00
HTC Desire C - P 8,950.00
HTC One S - P 18,800.00
HTC One V - P 11,200.00
HTC Titan - P 17,700.00
HTC HD7 - P 15,300.00
HTC Mozart - P 12,300.00
HTC Explorer - P 5,990.00
HTC Rhyme - P 13,350.00
HTC Sensation XL - P 17,000.00
HTC Radar - P 12,500.00
HTC Sensation XE - P 15,900.00
HTC Evo 3D - P 17,300.00
HTC Cha-Cha - P 8,800.00
HTC Flyer - P 20,350.00
HTC Incredible S - P 14,950.00
HTC Desire S - P 12,950.00
HTC Sensation - P 18,700.00
HTC Wildfire S - P 6,750.00
HTC Desire HD - P 13,500.00
HTC Wildfire - P 8,500.00
HTC Desire - P 15,500.00

Did you find the HTC Android you were looking for? Or were you looking for that HTC Windows 8 Phone? I'd consider myself lucky if I had the HTC One X+.

We'll keep this HTC price list for the Philippines updated once more devices from this mobile manufacturer come out.

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  1. Wow ang dami ng mga brand ng phone ang hirap na tuloy mamili!
    pero ngayon ko lang narinig tong HTC

  2. from which store?

  3. elow. san po yang store galing price n yan??


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