How to Root Starmobile Astra

Rooting Android phones are very common. Not only would your device be faster than it would on factory settings, it would also give you total freedom in managing your applications.

Starmobile recently released the Astra, a 4.3-inch dual-core phone that's one of the best bang for the buck local smartphones out there. And since users are already frantically searching for a method on rooting this device, we have one right here.

How to Root Starmobile Astra

Disclaimer: The process of rooting may permanently damage your device. We are not responsible for your actions and the end result of the process. This post serves only as a guide and may have a different result than the intended. Do this at your own risk.


1. Prior knowledge of rooting Android devices;
2. Windows 7 PC connected to the internet;
3. Root with Restore by Bin4ry (click to download)
4. SuperOneClick (click to download)


1. Enable USB Debugging and Install from Unknown Sources at your device. These can be found at the Settings menu;
2. Download the applications above. Connect your device to the computer;
3. Unpack SuperOneClick and start the program. If the application asks you to install drivers, select yes. If it does not ask you about installing drivers automatically, go to Advanced, Check Drivers, then install. Do NOT click on the Root option. Close the program;
4. Unpack Root with Restore from Bin4ry. Run the Runme.bat file. It will start to load the root script. Choose 1 (Device Type - Normal) then Enter;
5. After some wait, your Astra will ask you to restore. It will reboot a few moments later. The rooting script will continue processing until it displays "SUCCESSFUL" on the screen;
6. Congratulations! You have rooted your Starmobile Astra properly.

Note: If you are unsuccessful in rooting your Starmobile Astra, you will have wipe your device first by holding the volume up and the power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. This will bring your phone to its original state and will wipe any applications and settings you have previously installed. You can then repeat the rooting process again.

That's it on how to root the Starmobile Astra. For feedback and questions hit the comments box below.

Thanks and credits to "paulpacs".

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