The Big Time Show 11/1 - Mark Guim of The Nokia Blog, Nexus 4s, and More

This past Saturday the @BTSLive crew did a number with the internationally acclaimed Nokia guru Mark Guim of The Nokia Blog. It was also where we covered two hackathons simultaneously while doing the show, one in the Smart Tower at Ayala (#4SQHackDayPH2012, Smart Devnet and Foursquare's hackathon), and the other at Bacolod. Hey, did I mention that Mark was in the US while we were doing the show?

If you're curious about Nokias, specifically the new Nokia Lumias (Windows Phone 8 variant), watch the show and hear it from the expert. But if you're just looking forward to rolling on the floor laughing, fast forward to around 1 hour. We had some awesome time discussing this new app called Jibe.

Our videos are also available at iTunes. So if you love podcasts of tech and whatnot, fetch it. You'll love us, promise.

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