Globe iPhone 5 Postpaid and Prepaid Plans and Pricing

Globe Telecom, the nation's second-largest mobile provider that just finished upgrading their $700-million network, recently released their iPhone 5 postpaid and prepaid plans and pricing (#GlobeiPhone5).

The network's plans are very enticing because it provides all potential postpaid subs a 4-months free insurance system wherein the sub receives protection from accidental damage or theft. So say you dropped your iPhone 5 two storeys high on accident, Globe's Gadget Care insurance system will replace your unit free of charge, and that's cool.

globe iphone 5 postpaid prepaid plans and pricing

So without further ado, here's the Globe iPhone 5 postpaid and prepaid pricing schedule.

Globe iPhone 5 Postpaid and Prepaid Plans and Pricing

As convoluted as Globe's iPhone 5 plan and pricing scheme is, once you sort out all the plans, consumables, data, freebies, and prices, you'll get a good deal, especially at Plan 2499.

Another good feature the Globe iPhone 5 brings to the table is its Reset Contract Program. Say you just subscribed for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and just 2 months in you want an iPhone 5 (I have no idea why you'll exchange the SGN2 for an iP5 though, but I digress), you can apply for a contract reset which will make you start anew on your 2 years but now on the iPhone 5. Plus, you'll get up to 72% discount on your iPhone 5  (versus prepaid).

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Finally, just to put icing on the cake, when you get your iPhone 5 from Globe, you can purchase iPhone 5 cases up to 50% off from brands such as Belkin, Moshi, and Ozaki.*

*Only available at 12/14/2012 launch date at selected launch venues

Again, we're suggesting Globe's Plan 2499 just in case you didn't catch it. You get the Globe iPhone 5 for "free" (nothing's free. It's just a fancy term used that includes phone amortization), you'll have a consumable amount of PHP 2,499.00 (use it on a variety of Globe services to maximize usability, like the P999 unlimited data), and get 5 freebies.

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