How to Apply for a Smart iPhone 5

You got the cash and you want the iPhone 5. Problem is, you're a new subscriber. What do you do? One does not simply barge in to a Smart store and say "Shut up and take my money!" I'll tell you how to apply for a Smart iPhone 5 though. Here's how.

How to Apply for a Smart iPhone 5

1. Before anything else, secure one of each of the following:

Proof of Identification - Laminated company ID, government issued IDs (includes passport), locally-issued major photo credit card, and membership IDs from top sports and country clubs

how to apply for smart iphone 5 requirements for application

Proof of Address - This needs to be in the applicant's name. Preferred documents are as follows: utility bill, bank statement, lease of contract, and notarized lessor's certificate. So if you're a daughter wanting an iPhone 5, ask your mom. Else, no dice.

Proof of Financial Capacity - You have to have money so Smart is assured you'll pay for the device and their services. This can be any of the following: Bank account documents, Certificate of Employment, latest ITR, and credit card statement.

2. After securing the above documents, go to a participating Smart store. They are usually found in major malls around the nation. Get a service application form, submit it with the aforementioned documents, and wait for validation and approval. Before December 14, 2012, they'll give you a list of places on where to pick your Smart iPhone 5 at the launch date. After the launch date, they may give your devices on site or by residential or office delivery.

So basically that's it. Two steps, four documents, and a party. Now that you know how to apply for a Smart iPhone 5,  check out the Smart iPhone 5 postpaid and prepaid plans and pricing here.

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