iPad Mini Available in PH, Price in the Philippines

The Apple iPad Mini has just been put on sale at our Philippine Apple Store a couple of hours ago, the cheapest starting at P15,990. It's great news by the way, as this entails that local Apple resellers will also have them on stock, albeit limited (online store deliveries are expected to take 2 weeks). What's more is you have the option to have it engraved with your name or a loved one's, for an additional fee of course.

ipad mini philippines apple store

Below are the official pricing of the iPad Mini in the Philippines.

ipad mini price philippines

When asked who will win between the ASUS Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad Mini, Smart Telecommunication's resident dev guru Jim Ayson said, "The iPad Mini hands down! Wait until the LTE gets activated!" And if that's still not enough reason for you to get your own iPad Mini, I don't know what is.

Globe Telecom is also offering the iPad Mini (and the iPad 4) on tiered plans.

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