Smart iPhone 5 Postpaid and Prepaid Plans and Pricing

Smart Communications, the nation's biggest mobile provider, recently revealed the much awaited Smart iPhone 5 (#SmartiPhone5) postpaid and prepaid plans and pricing.

We're excited to share this as much as you're excited to know more about it so I made some easy to understand Smart iPhone 5 pricing schedules below. Just make sure to get your thinking hat on so you can get the best plan for yourself.

Smart iPhone Plan

According to Smart's iPhone 5 pricing schedule, they will be offering the iPhone 5 16GB and 32GB free (of course, it isn't free. It's just a fancy term used for the device's subsidy plus service charges) at Plan 2499 — that is, at PHP 2,499.00 a month, you'll have an iPhone 5 of your own, locked to Smart for two years of course. If you want the 64GB variant, better pony up another PHP 300.00 monthly.

*Voice and SMS are Smart to Smart only

If you do have cash now, but would prefer to pay the smallest possible charges later, there's the Plan 999 (PHP 999.00 monthly fee + PHP 999.00 iPhone 5 16GB amortization = PHP 1,998.00 monthly fee). The catch? Low allowance of free voice and SMS. 

Would you get the iPhone 5 16GB or the iPhone 5 32GB at Plan 2499? It's a no brainer actually.

Smart All-In Plan

The Smart All-In Plan for the iPhone 5 brings different capacity variants of the iPhone 5 at different initial cash outlays. If you'll recall, the Smart All-In service allows you to use the provider's services up to your plan limit. You can sign up for different promos while on this plan, so it'd be a great balancing act to subscribe to multiple promos without going past your limit.

iphone 5 smart all in plan

*Initial cash outlay payable in 24 months installment at 0% interest

Smart Unli Data Plan

The Smart Unli Data Plan is almost similar with the Smart iPhone Plan, except that is has a very low cost-benefit ratio. I'd personally suggest steering clear of this plan scheme, as it offers nothing unique (All-Net is also in All-In while unlimited data is present at both Plan 999 and Plan 2499).

iphone 5 smart unli data plan

*Initial cash outlay payable in 24 months installment at 0% interest

Cheapest plans:
  • Smart All-In Plan 500 - PHP 1,492.00 a month (PHP 500.00 monthly fee + (PHP 23,800.00/24 months iPhone 5 amortization))
  • Smart iPhone Plan 999 - PHP 1,998.00 a month (PHP 999.00 monthly fee + PHP 999.00 monthly iPhone 5 amortization)
So at this point, we'd like to recommend anything BUT the Smart Unli Data Plan scheme. If your text pals are all Smart subs, go for the Smart iPhone Plan. If you however have pals on both networks and need data to boot, go for the Smart All-In Plan.

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