Street Fighter X Mega Man Released, Free to Download

We're big fans of crossover games (the latest among which is from the fighting genre, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Tekken X Street Fighter vice verse), so it's a "no surprise" surprise to us when we got word that Capcom will be doing a mashup on Mega Man and Street Fighter for both games' 25th anniversaries.

Street Fighter X Mega Man simply put is the Mega Man gameplay of the old (see: NES) fitted with Street Fighter characters as the new game bosses, new weapons, and of course, humor. What's fun here is the careful detail put into every level e.g. themed stages, great background music.

street fighter x mega man free download pc

We're going to reduce the blabbering to a minimum. Here's the reveal trailer from Capcom itself.

Street Fighter X Mega Man  Official Game Trailer

Street Fighter X Mega Man is free to download directly at the Capcom Unity website.

As fun and as exciting as it is, we're having difficulty downloading the game. It may be due to the influx of players on the website that's causing the problems, or some other (there was one point that my progress bar suddenly stopped dl'ing at around 50%). Giddy users are also reporting corrupted downloads. Well, whatever. File sharers are already mirroring Street Fighter X Mega Man, but make sure it's clean!

Happy 25th anniversaries Street Fighter and Mega Man!

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