Live Blog: Here's What's Up at the 2013 CES

[Updated 9 January 2013 04:12PM Philippine Standard Time]

The International Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event in Las Vegas where big and small manufacturers showcase their new products or innovations. It's filled with anything related to tech: smartphones, smart cars, smart appliances, groundbreaking technology, and the like. It's also not accessible by the public (that's why we're just in the sidelines drooling).

Even though CES 2013 just started (it's a multiple day event), there's already lots of big things happening. For one, NVIDIA just officially announced the Tegra 4 processor, reportedly the fastest mobile processor in the world to date. So what we'll do here is compile all the notable things at this year's show. Let's hope we can cover them all though.

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International Consumer Electronics Show 2013
  • Liquipel 2.0 waterproofing solution unveiled, waterproofs your iPhone and other electronics;
  • HP makes presence felt with Win8 Pavilion Touchscreen Sleekbook;
  • BlueStacks gets slightly unveiled, will let you play Android games from phone to TV or PC;
  • Caliber Advantage, the first real dedicated gaming controller for the iPhone, gets outed;
  • Lenovo debuts Intel-powered IdeaPhone K900 (5.5-inch display) and IdeaPad Yoga 11;
  • Haier shows off Smart TV platform, the Roku Gaming Stick;
  • Sharp announces 60-inch ICC 4K LCD;
  • LG unveils its own world's 1st curved OLED TV, the EA 9800
  • Panasonic outs 20-inch 4K tablet that runs Windows 8;
  • Samsung presents world's 1st curved OLED TV;
  • Razer's Project Fiona, now known as the Razer Edge, is unveiled, priced at $999;
  • ZTE Grand S gets officially announced;
  • Archos intros Platinum 90 and 87, also outs their GamePad;
  • Hisense offers 100-inch Ultra HD TV plus a slew of smaller 4K TVs through the XT880 series;
  • Gigabyte launches two Windows 8 tablets: the 11.6-inch S1185 and the smaller S1082;
  • Plair will stream HDMI videos through WiFi, will sell for $99;
  • JBL Rumble, OnBeat Mini, and Charge make their way through CES 2013;
  • Targus debuts Touch Pen for Windows 8;
  • Huawei outs the much-awaited 6.1" Ascend Mate;
  • Corning officially outs Gorilla Glass 3, demonstrates its toughness,
  • Vivitel launches LED HD pocket projector named Qumi Q7 for $1,000;
  • Coby unveils scores of LED TVs, mobile speakers, and headphones;
  • :-) Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer crashes Qualcomm keynote at CES 2013;
    Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 800 and 600: up to 2.3GHz quad-core mobile chipsets;
  • Nikon outs Coolpix S6500, D5200 ($900), J3, and S1 cameras;
  • Sony releases their newest flagship devices the Xperia Z/ZL. Also shows off 4K OLED TVs and promises affordable 4K releases plus ten new camcorders;
  • AMD announces Temash, Kabini, Richland, and Kaveri APUs;
  • Vuzix tries to steal thunder from Google Glass as they launch their own Smart Glasses;
  • Panasonic releases its E series LCD TV line, reportedly feature rich but affordable;
  • Samsung kicks off their segment with a 110-inch Ultra HD 4K TV (among others), and the T9000 smart refrigerator pre-installed with Evernote;
  • Huawei officially outs the colossal Huawei Ascend Mate, a 6.1-inch, 1.5GHz quad-core, 2GB RAM Android;
  • Kingston unveils the first 1TB flash drive, the Data Traveler Hyper X Predator ;
  • Fujifilm announces the release of their brand new X100s and X20 on late March at $1,299.95 and $599.95;
  • Oculus Rift alterate reality gaming platform appears again, dev kit reportedly in the works;
  • ASUS launches Qube, a Google-powered top-box for TV;
  • Pantech outs $50 (on contract) Discover Android: 4.8" display, 12.6-megapixel camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and 2100mah battery;
  • LG  boasts 84" Ultra HD TV, 100" Hecto laser TV projector, 65" OLED TV, and a 55" OLED TV for $12,000;
  • Canon presents their entry the Powershot N, features WiFi, tilting touch screen, and innovative design;
  • Alcatel unveils a string of new smartphones: the One Touch Idol Ultra, One Touch Idol, One Touch Scribe HD, and the budget One Touch Pop series (M'Pop, S'Pop, X'Pop, and T'Pop);
  • Vizio announces entry to smartphone market; will release 5-inch and 4.7inch Androids in the near future;
  • NVIDIA announced the Tegra 4 processor and the Project Shield handheld gaming console;
  • Dacor unveils an Android 4.0.3-powered wall oven, complete with Google Play, 512MB RAM, 16GB internal storage, and a 7" capacitive display;
  • Lego introduces Android and iOS-compatible EV3 Mindstorms robotics platform;
These are currently all that we know. We'll update this post as fast as we can, provided CES presenters get with their stuff fast. Stay tuned.

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