Smart Outs Smart Services App, Exclusive for Android

Hot on the tracks of their exclusive Android device launches, Smart Communications silently rolls out Smart Services, an Android-only app that aims to be your go-to for everything Smart-related.

While we weren't briefed about the extent of capabilites of this app, I got a copy for myself—free on the Google Play Store of course—and tinkered with it for some time. And what I can say is, this is the company's answer to Globe's App Suite launched a few months ago.

smart services app android 1

The Smart Services app has four core features: News and promos, subsciber accounts and balance services, messaging, and support. And no, it doesn't have a movie ticket/seat reservations feature (which I am eternally grateful for because this movie ticketing feature seems to be taken for granted as most new local apps just cram and bundle it in with their services without a  well-thought long-term implementation plan), but I digress.

Here's some of what the Smart Services  app can do for you:

smart services app android 2 smart services app android 3
  • Receive the latest news and happenings around the globe;
  • Check  prepaid and postpaid balances;
  • Learn and sign up for the latest messaging and data promos;
  • Send credits to other mobile numbers within sister networks;
  • Sign up for and redeem rewards and discounts;
  • Locate Smart stores near you;
  • Connect to Smart Support;
Now, I'm no Smart sub, but if you are you should check all the features of the Smart Services app if they are functioning correctly. Nobody wants magically vanishing phone credits now don't we?

To people that have already the Smart Services app installed, how did you find your experience with it?

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