The nation's leading local mobile brand Cherry Mobile is set to take on the local Android scene once again with their latest entries this Monday, teasing with a "It's Time to Go Four Times Faster" caption.

While nothing is confirmed yet, it's safe to say that they are officially going to launch quad-core device(s). There's also nothing if this/these quad-core device(s) are smartphones, tablets, or both. We can ascertain one thing though: Cherry Mobile will unveil a new lineup on the 18th, meaning there's to be more than one device.

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cherry mobile quad core unveiling

If our thoughts are correct, Cherry Mobile is about to make local history again. This ought to be a big deal, considering this company was the first to make dual-core devices very accessible to the public.

Anyhow, I held off my SkyFire purchase until the unveiling. There could be a better smartphone to be had. I suggest you do the same.

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  1. The bevel and button size and placement on the photo suggests of a tablet, and one that sports a Nexus 7-like dot pattern on the back at that. Very interesting. I hope this has similar specs with much lower price. That way, I could get one for mom!


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