Globe Bares GoSakto Promo, Lets Users Make Own Promos

Globe, the most innovative telco in the Philippines, recently introduced their GoSakto program, a prepaid promo which allows users to create their own subscription buckets, all at the press of a few mouse clicks on Facebook. This comes as the company recognizes the different mobile needs of Filipinos on their network.

The GoSakto promo currently features calls, texts, and surfing options at 1 day, 3 days, 30 days, and unlimited time periods. The company expects to add more options in the future. It will also be available on postpaid in the coming months.

globe gosakto promo

Availing the GoSakto promo is easy: You can either connect to the GoSakto app on Facebook, subscribe directly from your mobile device via *143#, or by visiting the URL. After a quick registration, you can choose from a plethora of combinations, the lowest of which would cost you P7.00. You can even personally name the promo you created and share it with other subscribers.

The Globe GoSakto promo is compatible with other Globe promotions. In fact, a lot of people are using Globe's Prepaid GoSakto. Should you decide to try it, you can find a quick how-to below:

How to Create Your Own GoSakto Promo - Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM + 50 All Net Texts Demo

1. Dial *143# on your mobile device and press call;
2. Select 1 to access the GoSakto menu then select 1 again to create a promo;

how to register to globe gosakto

3. Select 4 for a Call & Text Promo;
4. Select 1 for call type to Globe/TM, then select 5 for unlimited calls;
5. Another menu would pop up, this time asking you for the kind of SMS service you want to subcribe to. Select 2 for All Network texts, then select 1 for 50 All Net texts;

how to register to globe gosakto

6. Finally, a last window would pop up asking you for the length of validity you want the service to run. Select 3 for a 3-day subscription to this service;
7. Select 1 to finally register to this service. 

how to register to globe gosakto

Voila! As easy as that, you already have unlimited calls to Globe and TM plus 50 All Net texts valid for 3 days, and for P49.00 ONLY.

For more information and instructions on how to subscribe, log on to

Editor's Note: I personally like the 1GB data/30 days promo, perfect for Twitter and Facebook. It'll set you back P300 though.

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