Sony to Reveal PlayStation 4 on 2/20, Sells Later This Year

Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 to the rest of the world on 2/20 (as The Wall Street Journal has confirmed), and everyone is expecting to 'see the future' of the gaming console. Hopefully Sony won't disappoint, and so far it hasn't yet.

Codenamed the Orbis, the PlayStation 4 reportedly would have stronger social integration and be put on sale later this year, presumably to compete against Microsoft's new Xbox 'Durango.' Will this new console let you Facebook while playing, or perhaps tweet your accomplishments while playing the next God of War installment? Those are just some of the few questions awaiting to be answered in a few weeks time.

The PlayStation 4 will probably sport a 4GB GDDR5, eight Jaguar AMD CPUs, and 14+4 CU graphics units. As earlier reports have mentioned, using AMD's architecture on Sony's new gaming console might make backwards compatibility to earlier consoles difficult.

The Orbis' predecessor, the PlayStation 3, was announced in 2005 and was put on sale on 2006. It now sells locally for as low as P11,000 (approx. US$ 275).

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