Beyond the Box Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 5 Devices

Some people feel that mobile providers are just too restrictive when it comes to consumer devices, namely the iPhone 5. There're monthly fees, extra billing charges, and the like. There's also the fact that when you already want to experience genius, you can't, because of contracts. Beyond the Box has something interesting to say regarding this touchy subject: "We'll sell you unlocked iPhone 5 units instead."

Now that the craze has died down, Beyond the Box is now selling varieties of iPhone 5 devices at very competitive prices. See poster below for more details.
beyond the box apple iphone 5 pricing philippines
In case you didn't notice, Beyond the Box are also selling older iPhone models*:
  • Apple iPhone 4 - P19,415
  • Apple iPhone 4S - P28,425
*We're assuming that these are 16GB models

The iPhone 5—with its premium pricing and all—may seem less attractive now that there are more powerful devices that within the same price range or cheaper, but it's still definitely a great smartphone. May God bless Steve Jobs' soul, but we can sure use a cheaper iPhone model.

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