Cherry Mobile Titan and Titan TV to Receive Jelly Bean Update on 4/15

The folks at Cherry Mobile just gave everyone what they were asking for from the getgo: A Cherry Mobile Titan Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. But—as the late Billy Mays would say—wait, there's more! The BIG TIME phone, the Cherry Mobile Titan TV, would also get the Jelly Bean treatment. That's right, two Jelly Bean updates for two titanic phones!

Both devices' updates would start rolling out on April 15, 2013, that's just a few days from now. We're really not sure if it's going to be the service center way of update, or OTA. Based from experience though, we should expect the former.

cherry mobile titan update

cherry mobile titan tv jelly bean update

It's safe to say that all Cherry Mobile Titan and Titan TV in the coming weeks would already be on Jelly Bean, unless they're very old stocks (which I doubt).

The Titan is still a powerful smartphone, so if you're interested in having one we have a Cherry Mobile Titan review right here.

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