Download Google Play Store 4.0.25

Google recently announced the vastly redesigned Google Play Store which is—as the company claims—simple, clean, and will help you find great entertainment fast.

No more are the confusing and unorganized menus; they're now all replaced by sleek and suave tabs. Similar apps and content are now grouped (as they should've been a long time ago). Google also claims that they've simplified the purchasing process that you can just breeze through the checkout and enjoy what you bought almost immediately (we've not tested this yet, but we're sure it will do it's job as advertised).

google play store 4.0.25 smartphone google play store 4.0.25 tablet

Can't wait for your country's rollout of the Google Play Store? Here's the .apk download link:

Download Google Play Store 4.0.25 .apk

This Play Store .apk file will install over your existing Google Play .apk, and as such there should be no problem whatsoever. Enjoy the new Google Play Store.


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