Globe Kicks Off Tatt Awards 2013, Asks Netizens to Nominate Online Influencers

Globe Telecom, one of the nation's leading telcos, formally launched the Tatt Awards 2013, an ongoing effort—now in its third year—to recognize the movers and shakers of the social media scene. Considered as the biggest social media event of the year, the Tatt Awards was, and still is, the first of its kind. It has honored travelers, foodies, online sensations, and the like.

As with the effort only being recently launched, netizens are being encouraged to nominate their favorite online influencer(s). That favorite tech blog of yours? Nominate it. How about that awesome Instagram account filled with great photos? Vote for it. But what if your favorite influencer doesn't fit any category?

tatt awards 2013 launch nomination vote out loud

That's what's wonderful at the Tatt Awards 2013: You get to generate a category for your social media influencer. Say, Juan Dela Cruz operates a blog that is about cars. Unfortunately, there is no "Best Car Blog" in the Tatt Awards categories. You can nominate a new category at the Tatt Awards website so that your online influencer will have a category of his or her own.

Interested in nominating someone or some online group? You should. Go to and nominate now. Let your social media influencer be recognized.

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