Samsung Galaxy S4 Spotted at Globe, Claims Device Almost Here

The Samsung Galaxy S4, the South Korean manufacturer's latest masterpiece, was announced recently. Pundits and fans alike have nothing but praises for it. And now it seems that it will grace the Philippines soon.

One of the leading mobile providers in the Philippines, Globe Telecom, has put up a banner on its front page claiming that "The Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming." Now normally we'd expect the Philippine announcement to be quick, but not this quick. One thing's for sure though: The "Life Companion" is coming and it's coming fast.

samsung galaxy s4 globe

samsung galaxy s4 subscription page

Want to see the page for yourself? It's already up at While there, I suggest you subscribe to the updates: It's pretty helpful if you want your info delivered first-hand right in your inbox.

So, would you fancy a Globe Galaxy S4? I sure will.

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