Smart Introduces Prepaid LTE, Makes High-Speed Internet More Affordable

Smart Communications, Inc. recently launched the first prepaid LTE service in the country, opening the floodgates to thousands of Filipinos that want to access high-speed internet for the cheap.

Starting at P350, mobile users with LTE-enabled devices can enjoy high-speed internet without the burdens of being in a postpaid line. Just buy a SIM, snap it on, and activate. It's as easy as that. Purchased units also come with a  P299 pre-loaded 7-day prepaid LTE subscription.

Smart Prepaid LTE Pricing Schedule*

Pre load
SIM only (dual cut)
LTE 299 (valid for 7 days)
Smart LTE Plug It
LTE 299 (valid for 7 days)
Smart LTE Pocket WiFi
LTE 299 (valid for 7 days)

LTE Package
Send to
LTE 50
1 day
LTE 50
LTE 299
7 days
LTE 299
LTE 995
30 days
LTE 995

*All prepaid LTE services listed above run unlimited until June 30, 2013 only.

As great as the service is, Smart's Prepaid LTE recently drew the ire from some of its postpaid users, asking the provider why prepaid subscribers were afforded a better deal.  It's also not clear at this point if this service has rolled out to Smart stores metro-wide, but we expect it to.

The Smart LTE was launched in August 2012.

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