DTC Mobile Hints at New Mobile Devices, Possibly Company's First Dual-Cores

DTC Mobile, the company that brought the first truly affordable smartphone to the Philippines (everything before the GT3 Astroid were above P5k), recently hinted at what could possibly the company's first batch of dual-core, 4-plus inch Android devices.

This local brand had been lowkey for a while, with its recent releases only the GB3, the GQ6, and the GT5 Astroid Plus, but their latest teaser points at 5 new smartphones of varying sizes. These are all presumably Android, will be named after heavenly bodies, and of course be ultimately affordable.

dtc mobile new devices

Hopefully we'll hear more from DTC Mobile and shed light on some details. For now, let's just patiently for the bombs they'll unveil in the near future.

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  1. i wonder when dtc will come out this new units.. sana mura..


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