Sharp, one of the world's leading producers of electronics display, have cut their existing smartphones in the Philippines by 50%. If you'll recall, the Japanese company forayed into the local mobile market, but with lackluster reception and performance. Then again, this maybe the company's way of clearing inventory immediately to give way to their newer and better devices.

sharp aquos phone 50 percent off sale

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The Sharp smartphones that are on up to 50% discount* are the following:

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W - P12,990 (from P22,590)
Sharp SH631W - P7,990 (from P15,990)
Sharp SH530U - P7,990 (from P14,990)

*At this point, online sellers are selling at a higher price than retail stores

So if you're looking for a phone that is not that old, has decent device power, and has awesome display capabilities, consider going for Sharp. I can recommend the Aquos Phone myself, gorgeous display really.


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